The Ultimate Finger Food

Has anyone else enjoyed following this “found a finger in the chili” story? On this morning the headline was “Police: Woman lied about finger In Wendy’ s chili.” Brilliant detective work Sherlock Holmes. You, me, Wendy’s and the new Pope all knew from day 1 that this lady was trying to scam Wendy’s. In fact, just the other day the new Pope was saying to me, “Damn I wish they’d finally catch that Wendy’s chili finger lady. She’s stealing my headlines.” From your mouth to God’s ear Pope. It sure would be nice to have that kind of pull with the big guy wouldn’t it? Anyway, back to the chili finger. I think Wendy’s could turn this situation into a marketing bonanza. Imagine how popular it would be if Wendy’s started selling chili that came with one of those fake Halloween fingers in it? They could even make it a contest and have one special gold finger. If you found that in your chili you could win the amount of money the lady was suing Wendy’s for.

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