The Weiner Dawg is Back!


I’m pretty sure that’s a doctored photo, but it’s true. The aptly named former congressman has announced via a YouTube video that he’s running for Mayor of New York City. Yikes! After his previous internet photo work I don’t think I want to see the video. If you recall, in 2011 he resigned from Congress after getting caught having sent links to suggestive pictures of himself to women on Twitter. (no, that isn’t a link to Weiner’s pictures, but actually a link to my Twitter page in case you want to follow me. I promise, no wiener pictures of me, until I run for office)

I do admire Anthony Weiner on two counts: 1) At his age, the mastery of social media technology is impressive, and 2) He stayed in pretty good shape for a guy older than me.

I live in New York, but unfortunately not in New York city. I say unfortunately because I won’t have the chance to vote against Anthony Weiner. I don’t know or care what his politics are. I would vote against him because of his former acts of stupidity. As a public figure in the largest city in the world how could he not do the math and figure that if there are millions of people who know who he is but he doesn’t know who they are, there’s a chance that someone might recognize a picture of him? That is just deep down, pervasive stupid. Or was he trying to use his status as a pick up line? And one of the girls was 21 years old. He was old enough to be her dad. Creepy.

As a resident of New York though, I’m glad I don’t have a daughter. It’s hard to deny that our politicians are among the horniest in the land. Just three months before Weiner-gate we also had Congressman Chris Lee from western New York resign after he was caught having sent a shirtless pic of himself to a transsexual prostitute on Craigslist. (Yeah, that’s right I linked to that pic. I dare you to click on it) Before that of course was our state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer using our tax dollars to hire hookers. Apparently the state motto of “I Love New York” should include the caveat that New York may love you right back with lewd photos in your inbox. Seriously, after all this if I want to complain about a public policy I’m afraid to send my congressman an e-mail.

The long and short of it, pun intended, is that Anthony Weiner has decided to be the butt of our jokes for the next 6 months and for that I and every late night talk show host thank him. Hopefully he doesn’t thank us back in pictures. As always, if you got a little chuckle from #ThePhilFactor please hit the Facebook share button below and follow me on Twitter. I dare you.

4 responses to “The Weiner Dawg is Back!

  1. Did you see on the news this week his campaign website used Pittsburgh as the background city and NOT NYC? (Guess he forgot what city he was running in.) They quickly changed the site. 🙂

  2. That is hilarious. I wish I had known it before I posted this morning. Weiner is completely delusional if he thinks he has any shot at winning.

  3. Nice new page. You said to leave a comment so here’s mine 🙂

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