Throwback Thursdays! Oh Canada! I’m Lovin’ It (1/9/2007)

Hi everyone. Happy Thursday. The title isn’t sarcastic. I do love Canada for all it’s quirkiness and for the odd fact that my high school borrowed the tune from their national anthem for our school song.


(Jan. 9, 2007) Yes, this is another in my ongoing series of posts professing my admiration for the great country I lovingly refer to as my friendly neighbor to the north. In fact, of all the countries that share a land border with the United States, Canada is definitely one of my top two favorites.

I am, however, writing this post to alert all of you to an outrageous situation that could possibly lead to an international conflict between our two peaceful countries. Yes, admittedly the blasphemous act has been perpetrated by an agent of the capitalistic United States corporate aristocracy. It is an act of such blatant prejudice against our poutine loving friends that I have been unable to sleep since discovering it. It began yesterday when, on a rare occasion, I happened to visit that bastion of American culinary excellence, McDonald’s. Upon arriving I was guided to the appropriate line by the maitre d.

After receiving my delicious and healthy meal I glanced down at the receipt which had been placed face down on my tray by the pleasant and hickey laden serving wench. On the back was an advertisement inviting me to participate in an online survey for the chance to win lavish McDonald’s prizes. Here I will quote you verbatim what I read that upset me so much: “Open only to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada (other than the Province of Quebec), 15 years of age and older. In order to win, a Canadian resident must answer a skill testing question.”

Yes, that’s correct. If a Canadian wants to win a free Big Mac they need to answer a skill question while us regular Americans don’t have to do anything but fill out the survey! I took the survey giving my information as both an American and a Canadian (I used the University of Guelph’s phone number), but couldn’t find the skills question. What could McDonald’s have against Canadians? And what possible question could they ask to determine if a Canadian is worthy of a coupon for a free Big Mac? I certainly hope that this horrific slight doesn’t spark a war between the U.S. and Canada. Who knows what kind of atrocities of war those red-suited Mounties might commit against us. I imagine that their pent up fury over those uniforms would make them one hellacious fighting force. I wonder if they can sneak their horses through customs at the border? Damn, first Iraq and now this. I think we’d better send Condoleeza Rice up there to make amends. Maybe she can convince Canadian McDonald’s to give a free supersize to every Canuck to smooth things over.

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  1. Ha! These Throwback Thursdays are so amazing. You must have seen the evolution of blogging! How do you stay inspired after all these years?

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