Fun with Search Terms!

This is my quarterly Edward Snowden-like reminder that whenever you put a search term into Google, someone somewhere may be reading it.  Here are some of the most unique search terms that have brought people to The Phil Factor, with what I hope is humorous commentary.

1. Original drummer Motorhead:


My secret is finally out and I’m so relieved. Yes, I was the drummer for a British heavy metal band in the 1980’s

2. When I do my ‘Fun with Search Terms’ post every 90 days or so this phrase always comes up at least once. I suppose Horniest in the Land is some sort of title. I wasn’t aware I entered that contest, but OK, I’ll take any recognition I can get. I’m sure it’s a website, but I’m not going there. Check for me and report back in the comments here.

3. Sad emo sith in the floor: That’s right, The Phil Factor is where all the depressed Star Wars fans go. I really hate when I leave my emo sith all over the floor. I’m constantly tripping on them. They’re worse than stepping on Legos. Pro tip for parents of small children: Don’t buy them Legos. Or emo sith.

4. to much bees massacred that man ehead only see that in canada the bees stay on head of the man only: Well obviously. Why wouldn’t this lead people to my blog?

5. Should I be scared of invisible germs? Yes. Yes you should. I sneezed on my computer while typing this blog and now you’re catching my cold.

6. where can i find the forms one needs to fill for the upcoming audition in tpf: (TPF = The Phil Factor) The forms to audition for The Phil Factor can be found on my “About Me” page, although based on your lack of capitalization when typing your search term I don’t have a good feeling about your chances.

7. the angry beavers smoking weed: I hope the weed smoking helps those beavers relax a little. Then again, if smoking pot gives you the munchies, who wants hungry beavers around?


8. Are Phil Taylor’s children disabled? Their only disability is having me as a father.

9.  Kanye West loser jerk: I’m thrilled that my blog is the answer to this question.

10. Happy hump day sexy guy pics: Hell yeah! Did you see the picture on the top left of this page of me leaning on the car? And I’m not sexy just on hump day either.

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9 responses to “Fun with Search Terms!

  1. I wonder if they make sad emo Sith Lego figures…maybe I need to check Google for that 😀

  2. Well obviously just tons of reasons to get excited about this one but, yes, of course, Phil ‘The Animal’ Taylor! Now it all makes perfect sense! I knew you looked familiar. Remember that time at the Limelight…?

  3. “to much bees massacred that man ehead only see that in canada the bees stay on head of the man only”

    Oh, I long to get search terms like this! No, I just get goofy stuff about math and roast beef (generally not combined).

    Beware the angry beavers! 😉

    • Believe it or not I know exactly why I showed up in response to the bees search term. What I can’t figure out is why I show up when people search

  4. Some more interesting search terms than I get which often lead people far away from what they are hoping for My name is obviously big in the porn world but I can only guess the searchers disappointment when they find a book review instead! I particularly like the ‘Sad emo sith in the floor’ I imagine it is very sticky, more like toy slime than lego?

  5. shame on you! never leave those sad siths lying around. those f-ers stab you on purpose

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