Fake Your Own Life

If you are reading this I may already be dead. That’s an attention grabber eh? You know how some people fake their own death to get out of debts, marriages, or legal situations? I plan to fake my own life. Heck, most people are already faking their own life on social media, so why not take advantage of the modern technology?


The miracle that is social media will let me live on forever whether I actually do or not. Here’s my plan: Because Facebook let’s you write, save and schedule statuses to post to your page, I’ve already scheduled thousands of Facebook posts, Happy Birthdays and all, to cover many, many years. Don’t worry, I’ve also photographed a lot of meals and selfies that will appear on Instagram until I’m at least a hundred years old. Through Hootsuite I’ve scheduled tweets for my Twitter account. Trust me, you’ll want to follow me. They’re hilarious. On WordPress I’ve written hundreds of blog posts that are scheduled to be released for years to come. The Phil Factor will never die.

In the event that I outlive you I’d like all of you to take these steps now as well. Death is sad and I really don’t want to tolerate unpleasant feelings of loss. I think that if everyone did this the world would be a happier place.

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4 responses to “Fake Your Own Life

  1. Funny and true. The internet will immortalize us all…for better or worse!

  2. Best. Article. Everrrr. Man I needa seriously catch up with all o’ these!

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