Throwback Thursdays! My Name is Inigo Montoya…Prepare to Fly?

This post is appropriate because I wrote it in anticipation of a work trip a year ago. Today I am again on the eve of another trip I must take for work.  If you enjoyed The Princess Bride you’ll enjoy this, and please participate by putting your favorite Princess Bride quote in the comments section.


(4/20/13) Wow it’s been a weird week hasn’t it? From the tragedy in Boston to the explosion in Texas to the nutjob sending poison-filled letters to politicians to American Airlines grounding a days worth of flights because of a computer ‘glitch’.  That is a lot of big news and unusual events. At the end of it all I have to travel for work. Tomorrow I am taking my talents, such as they are, to Miami. You might think that with all the crazy events this week I would be nervous about flying. If you think that you’re wrong.

I’m nervous though. I’m nervous about going to Florida. You’re probably saying to yourself, but Phil, why would you be nervous about going to the Sunshine State? First off it’s weird that you said ‘but Phil‘ when you spoke to yourself. Secondly, you might wonder how any state with Disney World, aka the costliest happiest place on Earth, could be a scary place? How could I not be nervous about Florida? I’m not sure how, but Florida has seriously pissed off Mother Nature. There may not be a more cursed place in the world.

The entire state is like the Fire Swamp from the movie The Princess Bride. Remember The Fire Swamp scene in The Princess Bride? Westley and Buttercup had to battle a myriad of unseen dangers to get through. Florida is a lot like that.

Much like the lightning sand in the Fire Swamp, Florida has sinkholes. It’s like the entire state was built on Swiss cheese. Just like you’ve seen in a million movies where someone steps into quicksand you could just be walking along happily and the ground apparently just decides on it’s own to open up and swallow people. That’s crazy. Why would you live somewhere that’s a possibility on any given day?

The Fire Swamp had the R.O.U.S.’s, aka the Rodents of Unusual Size. Florida has  I.O.U.S. Insects of Unusual Size. In my research for this Phil Factor I came across two news articles. One referenced a Florida infestation of “giant mosquitoes” called gallinippers that are 20 times the size of normal mosquitoes. Their bite is described as “being stabbed or having a hot nail driven into your skin.” Delightful huh? But it doesn’t end with mosquitoes. There are also giant, “rat-sized, tire puncturing” African snails invading Florida. That’s got to be all kinds of fun when you step out in your bare feet to pick up the morning paper.  And seriously remember the R.O.A.S.’s in the movie? Tell me those didn’t look and walk like alligators!

In the immortal words of Prince Humperdinck, “I always think everything could be a trap…which is why I’m still alive.”  Wish me luck this week. If I survive the Fire Swamp known as Florida I’ll probably have some good material for next weeks Phil Factor. As always, if you like what you read here please hit the Facebook Share button and feel free to follow me on Facebook by clicking the ‘Like’ button up there on the top right. I’m adding this later, but just for fun, how about if everyone who reads this puts their favorite Princess Bride quote in the comments section?

9 responses to “Throwback Thursdays! My Name is Inigo Montoya…Prepare to Fly?

  1. Oh em gee. Princess Bride!! My go to movie for warm fuzzies and giggles! YAY!

    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
    2. The Impressive Clergyman: And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…
    The Impressive Clergyman: So tweasure your wuv.
    4. Westley: There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.

    Are but just a few… that come to mind…

    • You’ve got a great memory. I think that just about every line in that movie is a great quote.

      • No not really, it’s just that I’ve watched this movie so many times that I possibly know the entire script!!! 😀

        And I agree, just about all lines in the movie are awesome!

        I even say to my partner that he’s my twue wuv 😀

  2. Geez Phil, if you want this blog to cater to me you need to write about movies I’ve actually seen!

    • Are you kidding?!!? You haven’t seen The Princess Bride? I’m not sure we can be blog friends anymore. Watch it over the weekend and tell me what you think. Trust me. With your sense of humor I think you’ll really like it.

    • I’m sorry. I forgot that I created my blog just for you. I’ll be sure to be more Marissa-centric in future posts. Just send me a list of approved topics.

  3. Prepare to die!

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