Lap Dances, Justin Bieber and the Talking Heads

This is one of those days when I woke up with no fully formed idea of what I was going to write about. Here are some of the ideas that were playing bumper cars in my brain:

1. Bryant McKinnie, a professional American football player, settled a lawsuit with a strip club in Miami for $150,000. What were they suing him for? Was it damage from a fight he was involved in at the club? No. Was it a bar tab he tried to skip out on? No again. He was sued for lap dances he received and did not pay for. Remember I said he settled the lawsuit for $150,000? The suit actually alleged that he owed $375,000. Let’s see, things I own that cost less than $375,000: my house, my car, umm…everything. I’m pretty sure that everything I own adds up to less than $375,000.

That is a lot of lap dances. Do you want to know how many? Let’s say at a swanky gentleman’s club a lap dance costs $50. I honestly have no idea, I swear. If Mr. McKinnie paid $50 per lap dance that equals 7500 lap dances! That’s twenty lap dances a day for a year, or one a day for twenty years! Or if each song that was lap danced to is about four minutes long, that’s about twenty days straight of non-stop lap dancing. My thought is perhaps he was charged extra for the lap dances because of the size of his lap. Bryant McKinnie is 6’8″ and over 350 pounds. That’s a whole lotta lap to be dancing on. Maybe they charged him by the acre.

My last question about this situation is for the strip club. What strip club let’s you run a tab for lap dances? No seriously, what club? Just kidding.


2. Justin Bieber: I heard Justin Bieber was arrested again last week for something. I don’t know what it was. I tried not to pay attention. I swore to myself it would be a long time before I sullied The Phil Factor with his name again. Then today when I went to look up his arrest I couldn’t find it because the internet seemed to be full of reports of a Twitter spat between his current girlfriend and his past girlfriend. Two thoughts on this: First, how does a loser like Justin Bieber even land two girlfriends? It’s a sad statement on the intelligence of American women. Secondly, I swear to you, my loyal friends and readers, that when I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, my first act after being sworn in will be to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada. Sorry Canada. It’s either that or you take Bryant McKinnie off our hands.

3. Intelligent sports talk on social issues?: I’m a sports fan and I listen to sports talk radio shows. In the past month in the U.S. we’ve had an owner of a professional basketball team suspended from the league for life for racist comments his “girlfriend” recorded and sold to a news outlet. Then an openly gay American football player was drafted by a professional team. These topics have been discussed ad nauseum by the talking heads on sports radio for weeks. I thought to myself how great is it that people and programs usually talking about groin pulls are now talking about social issues? Then I realized we’ve got a bunch of sports dolts talking about social issues. That’s like having kindergartners talking about theoretical physics.

Anyway, it’s a holiday weekend here in the states and I woke up to sunshine that’s expected to continue. I hope your outlook for the weekend is just as bright. As always, if you like #ThePhilFactor or hate Justin Bieber please share the love by hitting the Facebook, Twitter, or re-blog buttons below. ~Phil



10 responses to “Lap Dances, Justin Bieber and the Talking Heads

  1. You’ve given me a very much needed idea – thanks Phil! I’m stealing this!

  2. Hmmm…maybe those lap dances were a little more than just lap dances…

  3. When are we going to hear Justin Bieber talking about groin pulls.

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