Throwback Thursdays! If There’s a Problem, Yo I’ll Solve It with…Frozen Yogurt? The 11 Best Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

This post from last August was one of my most popular posts of the past year. Almost every day someone finds it through a Google search.

Yogurt Shop Design and Branding

Hilariously, every frozen yogurt shop name sounds either hip hop or sexual or both.  Without further adieu, here are the The Best 11 Frozen Yogurt Shop Names:

11. Mo Gelato– What else can I say? Mo money, mo gelato!

10. Froyo Life– I like frozen yogurt, but I’m not centering my life around it. This sounds like a cult.

9. Yogomonster– Didn’t Godzilla battle the Yogomonster in one of those old black and white movies where they do a terrible job of dubbing the English over the Japanese?

8. Spoon Me– I’d like to suggest a possible tag line: Yogurt so good you’ll want to cuddle after.

7. Yo Sweets– this is how I call my wife from the other room when I’m feelin’ all hip hop and whatnot.

6. Yo Mama!– Brilliant name but it probably results in a lot of fights. Wife: “Honey, why are you late? Where were you?”  Husband: “Yo Mama!”

5. 16 Handles– It would be awesome if Molly Ringwald owned one of these franchises. Actually, Anthony Michael Hall’s acting career is going so well he’s probably working at one of these.

4. Flavaboom– Just a cool name. I imagine the yogurt lackey throwing a handful of sprinkles on my yogurt and yelling, “Here it is! I’m bringin’ the Flavaboom!” Obviously he times the boom to coincide with the sprinkles hitting my yogurt.

3. YoliciousThis sounds like a great compliment. “Damn girl you are looking yolicious!”  This is in fact my pet name for my wife and I included it here so all our friends will now call her that.

2. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop– You’d think I picked this place for inclusion on the list because of the name. Nope, it’s because of a menu item. They have a sundae called “The Salty Pimp.” I’d go there just to order this.

1. Yolickity– This is either going to be my rap name or a hip-hop porn movie.

Lastly, I know that Robbie Van Winkle is all busy with his home rehab reality  show, but how does that guy not own a frozen yogurt shop called Vanilla Ice?

Vanilla Ice

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14 responses to “Throwback Thursdays! If There’s a Problem, Yo I’ll Solve It with…Frozen Yogurt? The 11 Best Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

  1. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop??!? Count me in!

  2. Let’s see…we have Let’s Yo (that’s promising), Yogurtland & Yogurtini…boring!! We used to have Red Mango but they soon melted into the sunset… And now, of course, I want frozen yogurt!!!

  3. Wow, you must eat a lot of frozen yogurt!

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