Top Ten Tuesdays! The Top Ten Petty Things I Would Do With Time Travel

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In honor of the new season of Dr. Who, which began last Saturday, I thought about time travel. Sure, Dr. Who flies about the universe saving entire civilizations, but what if someone petty and small like you and me decided to time travel? C’mon, you know that you’ve thought about what you would do. If not, here are some suggestions:

10. If I’m ordering a pizza that I want there in 30 minutes or less, I’d always get the less.

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9. My 12th grade world history paper on Charles de Gaulle would have an actual first person interview. B+ my ass Mr. Hampton!

8. How about relationship do-overs? This is one we’ve all thought about. Avoid the bad ones, save the good ones you screwed up.

7. Gambling! Holy cow! Can you imagine how much money we could make if we just went back and gave our past selves future winners?

6. The stock market: This is proof that there really is no time travel yet. I’m sure Future Me would have told Past Me to invest in Apple about twenty years ago.

5. Ice Ice Baby: If a talentless hack like Vanilla Ice, aka Robbie Van Winkle, could make it big, imagine how great that song would be if I had done it.

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4. On December 7th, 1980, although I was just a kid,  I would have hopped a bus to New York City, stayed overnight and then stopped John Lennon in the lobby of his apartment building for an autograph, the world’s first selfie, and a chat lasting an inordinate amount of time.

3. Have you ever walked out of a bad movie and said, “That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.” Not anymore. You can wipe The Love Guru from your viewing resume and get those two hours back.

2. Who hasn’t gone to work, looked out the window and said to yourself, “On a day this beautiful I should be at the beach?”

1. Like sleeping in? Time travel is the ultimate snooze button. Wake up, go back two hours, lather, rinse, repeat.

In the comments, what are some of the things you would do if you could time travel? If you enjoy #ThePhilFactor please consider hitting the Facebook, Twitter, or re-blog buttons below. If you don’t, I’ll go back in time and make sure that you do. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

19 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays! The Top Ten Petty Things I Would Do With Time Travel

  1. Awesome post Phil, you’ve given me loads to think about!

  2. OK…first I would go back and to my childhood and stop my mean older sister from throwing my beloved “Chatty Cathy” doll away because she talked too much. Then…I would go back and tell a certain someone that I did love them, which would likely change my future. Hmmm…thoughtful! Great post! Blessings!

  3. Um…going back and changing answers on a test? Yeah, that’s the best I could do. I’m impressed you got to 10.

    • It was tough to limit it to ten. I’m surprised you’d only change test answers. What about having your band make it big?

      • Yes, that’s a good one. To be honest with you, I try my best to get through most posts that have accumulated overnight when I get up in the morning so sometimes it’s hard to get clever responses quickly. The thing is, with test answers, that’s something you can find out in the future and change in the past. Not sure what I could find out in the future to make my band successful. I still wonder about that one…what could we have done differently? Not sure.

    • Well what would be on you to do list if you could time travel?

      • I’d go back to my birth and kill the wicked fairy for a kick-off! Then I’d go back to each generation of my forebears to find out what made them tick and behave as they did. I’d also go back to Calais in 1940 and divert the bullet that killed my grandfather, making sure, of course, that it didn’t kill someone else. I’d also choose your sleeping and cinema ones!

      • Wow! You’ve really put some thought into this. Great answer!

  4. Phil, I laughed out loud at your number 9!

  5. Number 9 reminds me of that scene in “Back to School” where Rodney Dangerfield gets an F on his paper on Kurt Vonnegut, which he got Kurt Vonnegut to write.

  6. I learned my brother and sister were not just dumb little kids, but deliberate plotting little monsters. I would go back and nip that in the bud!

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