Wordless Wednesday!


This one isn’t local art. Well, it’s local if you live in Las Vegas. I took this in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel when I visited there a few weeks ago.

12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday!

  1. I’ve studied this but can’t figure out what this is made from. Any idea? And what are you doing with your jackpot winnings?

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  2. I too saw this art…it was AWESOME

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    • I thought I saw you there but you were talking to someone so I didn’t interrupt.

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      • OMG….teehee I too had a grand time checking out places in Las Vegas, I’ve not been back since the new improved boardwalk. Next time give me holler darlin’ and let’s get into trouble. *wink* good trouble…LOL.


    • By the way, I finally got a review in for your book but I think it’s under the paperback. Did you know you can request that Amazon merge the Kindle and paperback listings for your book so they’re on one page and all the reviews for both versions will be together?

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      • NO, Then I shall ask for your kindness in how to do the deed? I also saw your review and beamed with joy. I did a thank you too you on review on my wordpress site! I am almost done with you’re Fifty Shade of Phil. I love each chapter on your witty and funny intake on you’re opinion. I too will write one when done. My husband likes it too. Kiss Kiss friend


      • I’m glad you’re enjoying my 50 Shades. Hopefully some of it isn’t seeming too dated yet. As for getting your paperback and Kindle editions listed together; do you have an Amazon Author Central account? If you don’t, then set one up. Through that you can contact the Amazon powers that be and request that they list both editions together and put all the reviews for both together so it seems like you have more.

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      • I adore ya Phil, thank you for the information, I’m so on it!~ Kiss Kiss buddy


  3. Love Vegas but can’t say I remember seeing this one. Pretty cool!


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