Wordless Wednesday: The Four Seasons Mural


This is The Four Seasons Mural by Steve Carpenter. It’s part of the entrance to a cool artsy complex that has all sorts of shops and restaurants. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

7 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The Four Seasons Mural

  1. Pretty impressive mural!

    • My city is full of them. Just so you know, I may not always like or comment on your posts right away because there’s so much in them that I want to set aside time to really read them. I do appreciate how often you stop by my blog tremendously.

      • I think every city should have them! I only have lousy graffiti in my town 🙁

        And no worries about reading my posts. Only read them if you want to – no pressure at all. (I write the longest posts known to man, so I do understand! hehe)

        Have a wonderful day, Phil 🙂

      • I like your posts though. They’re good stories. I live in an artsy city and every year there is a mural festival, so there’s literally about a dozen new ones this size popping up every summer. I’ll get to your posts tonight. I promise.

      • Thank you, Phil. I appreciate that 🙂

        A mural festival – what a lovely idea! They definitely need more of those in the world!

  2. Love me some good street art, Phil. But you knew that. Thanks!

  3. Debbie Downer on this one, Phil. Artistically a failure, or sexist, or both. The dancer’s breast would be bared, if she had one. And the mural doesn’t mesh with the look of the nondescript building behind to enhance it–it merely clashes.

    Were I to commission a work for that wall, it would be a trompe l’oile piece that picked up the shapes and colors of the windows and lines on the buildings behind, to unify it with them, and then added fun elements (perhaps dripping, Dali-like), to give it more life.

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