Music Monday! Nothing Personal: The Place That I Call Home


They didn’t win a Billboard Music Award last night, but this might be the beginning. My son’s band released their second single on iTunes. It’s a truly do it yourself kind of project. The single cover that you see here was drawn by one of their friends and the song was recorded and mixed by a friend with a laptop and some basic software. The song has an alternative rock/Blink-182 kind of sound. You can find it on iTunes for only 99 cents (less than a quid for my U.K. friends) at:

I also want to give a big shout out and thank you to Dawn Martinez of the blog Slingshot and  the internet radio station Radio World Indie for reaching out to me and offering to play my son’s song on her radio station. The kindness of bloggers always touches me. Dawn has also written a fun book about a sassy, independent cowgirl named Celeste that you might want to check out here.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

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  1. Is their music available anywhere other than iTunes? I’d love to check it out. 🙂

  2. This is brilliant. They are really good. What ages are they? Love the artwork too. They need to keep going. I know it must be so much harder for new bands these days but this is fab!

  3. Proud Papa Phil. I shall head over to iTunes and have a listen. Good for your boy. I love a kid with a dream.

  4. Thank you Phil for the love…I CAN’T wait till Thursday to PLAY your son’s bands song!!! Yahoo and THANK you so much for donating to our Non Profit music station! Kiss Kiss darlin’….get tuned up for Thursday 10-1:00 pm MST

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    Congratulations Nothing Personal and thank YOU Phil Taylor for all the love you showered upon Radio World Indie.

  6. Oh wow you have a massively talented son ^_^ He’s making his Paa so proud 🙂 I’m sure if they stick to it with dedication they too will make it big one day <3

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