Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Stereotypes about New York & New Yorkers

10. New York City is all there is to New York: Although residents of New York City would have you believe this statement is true, it’s not. Believe it or not, the state of New York is fairly large and contains lots of mountains, rivers and lakes, none of which are in Central Park.  There’s even Amish in many parts of New York state. I may have mentioned them here once or twice. I’m not ashamed to say I may run off to join them.

9. New York City is just Manhattan: While Manhattan is what you see in most movies, NYC is much more with the other four boroughs each having distinct differences and personalities. Manhattan however thinks it’s better than everywhere else, and it’s right.


8. All New Yorkers speak with a Brooklyn accent: Fuggedda boud it! Dat ain’t true, and if you say it is I’ll punch you in da nose! You know who speaks with a Brooklyn accent? Some of the people from Brooklyn.

7. New Yorkers are rude: Only the jerks say that, so shut up.

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6. New York is the biggest city in the world! By population it’s actually the 8th largest after places like Jakarta, Manila, and Karachi. It is however the largest by geographic area. If you think New York is crowded, imagine how crowded those other cities with smaller geography but larger populations are!

5. New Yorkers talk fast: Ok, this one is true. I’ve traveled to other parts of our country and other countries in the world and New Yorkers, both from the city and upstate seem a little more tightly wound than others. Admittedly, I can barely stand to wait for other people to finish their looong, slooow sentences.  If a I were to read my blog aloud this whole post would only take 12 seconds. That’s why I don’t do a podcast.


4. The City That Never Sleeps: That’s why New Yorkers are so irritable. They’re exhausted.

3. New York is the Concrete Jungle: Yeah, a lot of New York City does not have a lot of vegetation, but then you’ve got lush, green Central Park which is larger than Belgium and Lichtenstein combined. The rest of the state north of New York is practically a giant Amazon rain forest.

2. Everyone in New York always drinks $6 lattes: That’s not true. Sometimes we drink the $8 ones when we’re really thirsty.


1. New York is full of violence and crime: When I was younger and I’d meet people from other places they would ask, “Do you get mugged a lot?” These were the people who assumed New York was just ‘the city’. Actually I’d bet that New York has less crime than a lot of other places if only because you never know who might decide to kick the crap out of you at any given moment. In fact, the only people ISIS is afraid of are New Yorkers, (and maybe a few biker gangs from Texas).

These are only jokes. Like I said, I live upstate with the Amish and the trees. If you want to follow a real blog about life in New York City check out Mary Lane Townsend’s New York Cliche.  It’s a great blog and she also posts some awesomely spectacular pictures on Instagram.

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

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  1. Fun fact. The place that had the highest population density ever, Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, has a density of 1.255 million people per square kilometre. To get Mahanttan to a comparable density, you would have to relocate the entire population of Texas there. Don’t try this at home.

  2. Many stereotypes I hold near and dear
    Still the best place to get a bagel with schmear!!

  3. NOW I want to visit New York even more than ever 😀 I’ve always loved this city (seeing it in movies since childhood), and I’ve always been fascinated by it ^_^ And I’ve never heard New Yorkers are rude :O I’ve heard that about Parisians though 😀

  4. The people who live in Manhattan consider themselves the only true residents of the State. That is true. The years that I lived in Kew Gardens and Forest Hills proved that to me.

  5. Californians talk really fast, too. Though, not as fast as New Yorkers. I had a professor in college who was from New York. Every lecture, someone in class would ask him to slow down at least twice. I could follow what he was saying, but my pen couldn’t keep up.

  6. wow! Thanks for the shout out! It’s funny because I actually read this post but I guess I kinda checked out at the end- right when you were being so awesome to mention me! Teach me a lesson right there. Glad you left a note on Instagram 🙂
    Hope you make it “down state” (does anyone ever say that?) and visit NYC soon!

  7. This is humorous, but also practical–An honest eye-opener for the rest of the world who get a skewed view of those two words when stuck together: “New York”. Nice job, Phil!

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