Wordless Wednesday? What Is Your Purpose?

Ironically my Wordless Wednesday is a picture of words.


I drive by this regularly. I find it very annoying because it seems like an accusation that I’m not doing what I should be. There’s alot of nice inspirational things painted around my city, but I don’t like this one. What do you think?

17 responses to “Wordless Wednesday? What Is Your Purpose?

  1. I agree. It makes me feel a bit…guilty. :-\ What am I supposed to do with my life?!

  2. I think it’s ugly. Don’t like the colours and the 3D text does not ‘work’. Worst of all, it’s missing a question mark at the end.

    • Hi Dzeni! It’s nice to see you here. Yes, I totally agree that it’s annoying that they left the question mark off. There are other inspirational says painted all over the city which are nice, but this one kind of pisses me off.

  3. My first thought is: “None of your business.” My second thought: “What’s yours?”

  4. It’s not the prettiest, and there are a lot of other positive motivational things it could read, that’s for sure.
    Perhaps your purpose is to drive by the sign and get miffy? I know I would. Who is that sign to demand my purpose?
    Instead, it could ask me, “What good have you done today?” or “What are you working on?” Must it be so smug?
    *throws coffee at it*

    • I agree. I get mad at it every time I see it. There are lots of other similar but positive, inspirational things painted a round the city but this one misses the mark. I hope it gets painted over soon.

  5. I agree! Ugly and it actually serves no “purpose”. You should just spray paint over it, I’m thinking a nice floral pattern would work 🙂

  6. The sign is rather accusing. Yes. Now if it said “What is your porpoise?” I’d be more enthusiastic about it. Certainly you must know the proper people to make that so.

  7. At this one I too would stare…
    and think… I’m purposeless and I don’t care!!

  8. Reject the accusation, I’m sure you have plenty of purpose when necessary!

  9. It is “Holier Than Thou”. Smug, unmerited, preachy superiority is MY department.

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