Wordless Wednesday: Bollywood Sugar

Picture courtesy of Facebook.com/walltherapy

Picture courtesy of Facebook.com/walltherapy

This is a brand new mural titled Bollywood Sugar that was just completed last week in Rochester, N.Y. by the Dutch artist HandieDan. This mural kicks off the annual Wall Therapy Festival my city has every year during which 15-20 artists from all over the world descend on our city for a few weeks and then leave it an infinitely more beautiful place.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

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  2. It is indeed a beautiful mural. I would like it even more on a flat wall or an ugly building, rather than on a tidy church on originally-unpainted brick. I think the church’s windows and other architectural elements interfere with the flow of the curvilinear design of the mural, and the mural’s design, although truly awesome, is not the best choice for that particular wall. But everyone has different taste in design and art.

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