Are You A Vapist?

Yaaa! Vaping’s going to save all the smokers! No more lung cancer! Vaping isn’t addictive! You know what? Some of those beliefs are true and some are not, and some are as cloudy as the exhale of an e-cig smoker.

If “smoking” an e-cigarette, or rather an e-cig/mod type device is referred to as vaping, then a person who does it must be vapist, right?  For all future discussion on the subject, that’s what we’ll call them. What they exhale is less toxic than regular lit on fire cigarettes but is no less offensive. Think about it. If a vapist inhales and then exhales the vapor, on the way out it contains tiny, airborne droplets  of their saliva, mucus, and whatever disease they may be carrying. It’s just like spitting on someone. A little known fact is that the plague of the 1300’s that wiped out half of Europe was not, as people believe, carried by rats, but by vapists. Same thing really though.



Am I being too harsh on vapists here? Sure, maybe, but I don’t see a huge difference between smoking and vaping. Vapists say e-cigs are safer than smoking. Great, more vapists will live longer. There goes the Darwinism/natural selection effect of regular cigarettes.

Yes, you don’t get the toxins from the combustion of burning something, but guess what? Vaping is essentially freebasing nicotine. Freebasing first became popular in the 1980’s when cocaine addicts, probably out of their minds on cocaine, wanted to find a faster way to get the cocaine to their brain. Yaaa! Now smokers can get the addictive substance absorbed faster, meaning that e-cigs are more addicting! One of the vaping articles I read said, “…when you take a hit…” Take a hit? That’s a drug term isn’t it?

Seriously smokers, do you really think this whole vaping thing is a health trend? With cigarettes being practically taxed through the roof and outlawed anywhere but in your own basement, the traditional cigarette market is being killed off, so someone, probably a recovering cocaine addict who still smoked, invented vaping. Now smokers are being vaped out of their money just as effectively. It’s uber-addicting and once you get started you keep coming back for more.

Lastly, I’d like to make fun of a type. A type? Yes, a type of vapist. Ponytail guy who vapes. Ugh. Ponytail guy is the worst isn’t he? Even if he’s not a vapist, ponytail guy is making some sort of statement with that hair, and it’s never good is it? Then you throw in vaping and ponytail guy trying to convince you that it’s cool, healthier than smoking and a fun hobby and well, who wants to be around that? That’s almost as annoying as the home brew guys who make their own beer and trap you at a party or bar and spend an hour telling you about different kinds of beer.

I’m sure that this post is going to make some people mad and I’m also sure there are some wonderful people who are vapists, (I think the Pope is a vapist) but it’s not my thing, and so I make fun of it. If you are a vapist, have one in your life, or just like sharing sarcasm far and wide feel free to share #ThePhilFactor by hitting the Facebook, Twitter, or re-blog button below. Have a great weekend! ~Phil


19 responses to “Are You A Vapist?

  1. I think the whole idea is bonkers!

  2. Well Phil, yes, I vape, as does my husband and as do more than half of our previously smoking friends.
    Can’t really afford to care what people think about it. Too happy.

    • And for the record, this was a bit tongue in cheek. I hope I haven’t offended you so much that you stop visiting my blog.

      • I got the tongue in cheek bit. I’m one of those people who actually prefers truth. I don’t think people should worry about being offensive. I’m hard to offend.
        I do think your knowledge on the subject is a bit…lacking. But it wasn’t supposed to be an informative piece, right?
        (Like I’m vaping no nicotine — a lot of us are.)

      • I just felt like it was a popular enough trend that I’d get a good reaction. My sarcasm is better when it’s uninformed and half-assed. Oddly I got far fewer comments than usual. I think I may have offended some people.

    • Hey, Joey and Phil, I am a science abstract fanatic. Unfortunately hadn’t saved off any on vaping, but hadn’t yet read this old one and it was still sitting in my email queue. Here are two pertinent quotes–most particularly if one vapes near minors:

      “…e-cigarettes supply nicotine in the same quantities as cigarette smoking, the same harmful effects from nicotine can be expected.”

      “The vapour from e-cigarettes contains so much nicotine that bystanders can ingest the same amount as with passive tobacco smoking.”

      I didn’t google to find any other research papers, but this might do. So passive vape smoke is harmful, just like passive cig smoke, although likely not as carcinogenic.

      • And what about those who are vaping without nicotine?! Who’s vaping around you? Lol I’m sorry, but no.

      • My sister vapes versus regular ciggies. Far preferable, but still sucky (no pun intended, for once). But as long as you are in your own home, and your own home has its own non-shared walls and ventilation and plumbing–not a multi-unit dwelling–go hog-wild, I say. Vape away. I would. Looks like fun. : )

  3. We’ve had to rewrite all the “no smoking” policies at work to include ecigs, vapes, whatever. It’s more about professionalism than risk at that point.

    When they were working on my office (siding, windows, etc) some of the construction crew had theirs on them. I got to hear, through the wall, all about how Captain Crunch and Froot Loops ecig cartridges taste like the real cereals. Made me wonder if getting addicted to tobacco would be worth the effort to quench hunger with those things (yes, i know the answer….still fascintating though on a low level)

  4. As an ex-smoker I can’t help but think how much easier life is since I gave up my passion … Although I did meet some really nice people hanging outside the airline terminals! Anita

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