Would You Rather? The Friday Poll


In a past poll we had money versus love and of course love won, but what about time? Is time on the face of the Earth worth more than money? You tell me and give your reasoning in the comments.

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

14 responses to “Would You Rather? The Friday Poll

  1. Oh, you bet I’d love to live a long time and see what happens in this crazy, wonderful world!

  2. Quality v Quantity keeps popping up in my mind. Being financially better off gives the freedom to travel more (if that’s your thing – it would be mine), it could buy you experiences you might not be able to afford if living modestly and you could go out with a bang at normal age having lived enough for 2 lifetimes. Living modestly until 110 is giving me visions of a cave in Kathmandu which is where you only seem to live in good health at over 100. Living modestly in the UK at that age means you can’t afford to turn your heating on in Winter, or you are assumed to be incapable and therefore put in a ‘care’ home and fed baby food until your final days. I think I’d prefer to go out with a bang.

    • You bring up good points. I do like the idea of travel and experiences, but when I say living modestly I imagine you can afford the necessities of life but not the travel and experiences. It’s definitely a tough call.

  3. Spend it all while I can! 😀

  4. I don’t know that I want to live until 110. It would all depend on the state of my health and the state of the world. I think I would rather have enough money to spend on living comfortably and spoiling my grandchildren. And maybe even have money left over to leave my children when I’m gone.

  5. If I was rich and lived til 80
    It wouldn’t be so bad it
    would be better than living til 110
    And forgetting I even had it.

  6. I’d rather live longer.
    Though I might miss out on the finer things in life, living longer means getting to help more people one-on-one. I won’t be able to support anyone financially but the world needs more emotional healers because there are more people with unbearable heartaches than there are poor people and I’d love to help for as long as I can. 😀

  7. This is a weird poll. I’m all conflicted, cause I’m like, I get to live? LOL Just give me more time. Can I get a guarantee on this poll? 😛
    I’ll take 110. More time is better.
    In reality I’m hoping to live to 80. Sometimes I’m amazed I got this far.

  8. Why the hell would anybody want to be 110? I had a girlfriend a while back who had an aunt who was in great health until she died at 104. The woman was miserable; she spent the last fifteen years of her live wanting to die. She outlived everybody she knew, she didn’t even have common childhood experiences with the people in the assisted living place she died in, because she was 25 years older than most of them. And she couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. Think about it…when’s the last time you saw a 90-year-old in an airport? Sorry gang, but I’ve seen this movie…go quality over quantity.

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