Music Monday: Just Breathe

This song kicks the crap out of anything Ed Sheeran has ever done. Yes, I said it. I mean it and Ed Sheeran can come and fight me if he disagrees.

I’m hoping you clicked on and listened to the song before I tell you that it’s by my son’s band, Nothing Personal. I hope you listened long enough to get to the harmonica part later in the song too. That’s pretty cool. My favorite lyric is “I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve, and when it falls you’ll pick it up for me.”

Seriously, if you listened, shouldn’t this song be on the radio? (Yes, you can find this song and the entire album in iTunes and all the other music retailers)

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

17 responses to “Music Monday: Just Breathe

  1. Unfortunately it isn’t available in Canada. I’ll try you-tube . . .

  2. It says “This video is not available.” I couldn’t find it on utube.

  3. Nope, can’t watch it in the UK. Damn.

    • I spent some time yesterday trying to figure out how to get to YouTube on the UK Internet. I couldn’t do it. I was hoping to have both links. I’m very frustrated by it. But thanks for trying.

  4. However, you can listen to snippets of it here

  5. Definitely share your view
    and by the way…Edward who?

  6. I can’t see it either 🙁

  7. The first time I tried this post–when it first hit my inbox–the vid wouldn’t play for me, either. 🙁 (I’m pretty sure I live in the U.S.) Today, it did. 🙂

  8. I love this song! (and I’m surprised I do). I’m always a little nervous when I click on a link to someone’s kid because omg what if it’s awful? Then I have to make up nice things to say! Fortunately, I don’t have to lie about this one. It’s really, really good. I wouldn’t change the station if it was on my radio.

  9. I tried the link on Monday here and still couldn’t get it but thought I’d try again later. I’m glad I did because, although it still won’t play, the link sent by pixieannie worked a treat and I can confidently say it sounds great, Phil. It’s frustrating not to be able to hear the whole song and it looks like I’m not alone in that. Wonder what youtube are up to. Congratulations on having a talented lad, Phil. I’m pretty sure, from what I heard, that he’ll be giving Ed a run for his money.

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