TBT! The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Dating Sites

If my wife checks my search history without knowing I wrote this, she is going to be very upset. These are all real, except one. Try to be the first person in the comments to guess which one.

10. GlutenFreeSingles.comFifteen years ago no one on the planet knew what gluten was. I’m tempted to go to one of their live dating events and spike the punch with gluten.

9. ClownDating.comTo which all the ladies reading this reply, “They’re all clowns.”


8. StachePassions.comA site for men with facial hair and the ladies who love it. At least I hope it’s not a site where men find women with mustaches.

7. MagicMatch.comA dating site for grown up lovers of the Harry Potter books and movies. It would have to be magic for any of these nerds to find a date any other way.

6. SeaCaptainDate.comThe tag line is: “Find your first mate!” I’m pretty sure it might as well say Find your first date. Ladies if you date a “sea captain” keep in mind that if he decides to kill you he has a whole ocean in which to dispose of your body.

5. ZombiePassions.com: “A 100% free online dating & social networking site for zombies, zombie lovers & people who have been working in a dead-end job for too long.” Look, I like zombies as much as the next guy, but I don’t want my girlfriend to look like one.


4. CanDoBetter.com: This site is both pure genius and pure evil. You submit photos of yourself and your significant other. Users of the site vote. Whoever is deemed to be able to do better than their current lover gets admitted to the site to find someone better. How horrible would it be to go on there and find a picture of your significant other already there?

3. DiaperMates.com: The site where people who like to pretend they’re giant babies go to find other like minded individuals. Don’t click the link. Trust me on this. I’m not kidding.

2. FurryMate.comIf you like to dress up like a cartoon animal and get jiggy with it, this is the site for you. I wonder if fur balls are ever a problem?


1. Amish-Online-Dating.comApparently everyone on this site is a fraud. You can’t be Amish and use the internet! If I was going to sign up for a dating site this would be it though.

This post may be humorous for some and helpful for others. Did you guess which was the fake dating site?

24 responses to “TBT! The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Dating Sites

  1. Someone for everyone 😂😂😂

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  3. I guessed the Amish on had to be the fake one…that, or the Candobetter. Why would one want to put a partner through that? But we are all a crazy bunch..so they may have all been genuine.

  4. That’s an awesome list! I can’t believe that people actually use these kinds of dating sites….wow…well….like Lisa said someone for everyone!

  5. These are all mad. I’ve met enough bleedin’ clowns in my days without looking for them online thanks very much :p

  6. Clown dating looks truly terrifying! *hides under rug*

  7. This scares me! I have seen commercials for Farmers Only site and that freaked me out, but this list of dating sites is really disturbing. There are some really whacky people out there.

  8. Well, if it isn’t the Amish site, then the world has gone haywire.

    You are right about the gluten thing. But my friend who has had diagnosed Celiac for 20 years can only be grateful for the wave of people who are convinced that gluten is bad.

    He thinks the collective delusion of people who avoid gluten from a lifestyle choice rather than a debilitating disease are a gift from God because he went from having limited options to many more options, from having to explain it in tedious length to just saying gluten free.

  9. Oh my goodness, who knew? This is hysterically awesome… and also… a little.. .scary! haha – thankful I have not had to use any of these. Part of me wants to catfish some of them for a good story.. lol. Great post!!

  10. Interesting that the bogus one sounds like the most legitimate.

  11. I think Sea Captain Date sounds like a fake site. The other sites, sadly enough, might exist. But there’s more to life than being a first mate– and we all know that. Don’t we?

    • Guess what? The Sea Captain Date is a real site. I’m with you though. If I didn’t know and I had to guess the fake I would have picked the Sea Captain one. That’s just way too specific.

  12. I thought the Harry Potter one was one of the more normal ones to be honest. I kinda like the furry one, I mean you’d never get cold or uncomfy with all that fluffiness around, plus if your landlord didn’t allow pets you have your partner!

    I like that there is someone out there for everyone, no matter how unusual.

  13. The Amish site caught my imagination. Who in the world wants to pose as an Amish to attract someone else posing as Amish? Takes all kinds.

  14. People are so weird! These sites obviously generate enough traffic to stay up-and-running, which means fetish people are all around us! “Aunt Doris, your diaper is peeking through your clown costume.”

    • Yeah, that’s the thing. You just don’t know who’s a little different behind closed doors. Maybe I knew these sites from first hand experience. That’s it, I’m a secret Sea Captain looking for love.

  15. Seriously? Are these sites for real??? Wow ….

  16. I am so boring. I met my husband in person at a friend’s party and we weren’t wearing chicken suits, clown shoes or reading Harry Potter. It’s not easy being different!

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