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How do you like the title? I’m thinking of starting a second blog with that title just to make fun of the famous. What do you think? Should I do another blog dedicated to weekly mockery of those who live a lifestyle most of us can’t comprehend? Or maybe a weekly feature? Anyway, here’s this weeks installment of Pop Culture Commando:



Jay-Z and Rachael Ray? Can you picture that? No of course not! But this past week, Beyonce’s fans attacked TV chef Rachael Ray on Twitter, calling her a homewrecker. Apparently in the past there had been rumors of Jay Z stepping out on Queen Beyonce’ with a fashion designer named Rachel Roy. Last Saturday Beyonce’s new album Lemonade dropped and it included a song titled Sorry which seemed to be about infidelity. Recalling the old rumors, Beyonce’s fans, the Bey-hive, (no, I did not make that up) were all a buzz and went after the wrong Rachael on Twitter. Dumbest fan base ever? Yes, for two reasons: 1) Apparently they can’t spell, or read and 2) c’mon, Rachael Ray is cute, but she’s not cheat on Beyonce’ cute.


Prince and Chyna: Last week within 24 hours the world lost the world’s most effeminate man and the world’s most masculine woman. Coincidence? I think not. Romantic murder/suicide? Probably. She was six feet four and he was four feet six. (L-o-l-a, Lola!) She could have carried him in a papoose. Theirs was a forbidden love… Too soon for jokes? Absolutely. But you know what? When I eventually fake my death and disappear to a remote tropical island I want all of you to start making jokes about it. In fact, I want my own “Bey-Hive.” Maybe the readers of my blog should be called Philistines.



Princess Kate Pregnant Again?!!? Geez! Don’t these two have anything better to do? Apparently Kate and William have a lot of time to kill while they wait to ascend to the throne. Reportedly Kate is pregnant again, this time with twins. As if we don’t hear enough about the royals! Now with Kate and Will going at it like teenagers after prom, we’re guaranteed another generation of insipid gossip and petri dish shallow media coverage. If the royal babymakers keep going at this rate, soon everyone in England will be a royal and in line for the throne.

That’s it for this installment of Pop Culture Commando. Should I go full on with another blog dedicated to this stuff ? Feel free to comment and if anyone got the Lola reference in the Prince/Chyna thing let me know. You will be my new best friend.  Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Lola she walks like a woman, talks like a man (paraphrased- too lazy to look up!). But that’s the general idea! I love the pop culture weekly feature at a minimum! A whole blog might get unwieldy!

  2. Definitely got the Lola ref
    Does that make us BFFs??

  3. Yes go with another post but don’t make me go through the sign up crap to follow you

  4. Weekly for starters, like Monday, cause no one likes Monday, and this would give us reason to snicker whilst others work lol and I also got the Lola ref 😃

  5. Hah! So so funny. I need more of this type of weekly mockery in my life. Please consider a 2nd blog on this topic. ‘Royal babymakers’-so funny. Preach Phil!

    • LOL, thanks Sam. Over in London town would my last section on the royal baby makers be seen as blasphemous ?

      • Pretty much. But people would quietly laugh and snigger at it-it is pretty funny. I mean you basically said what we all think but too scared to say outloud. Hats off to you Phil!

      • So you’re saying I could have a successful stand up comedy career in London?

      • Yes-yes you would. I would be happy to pass out leaflets and other related promo.Your sarcasm would go down a treat here and is not normally associated with Americans. I mean-what is that all about? I mean, i just about get by here, but you would rock out here Phil. For real.

      • LOL, you are too funny Sam. I’d be lucky to have an audience full of Sams

      • Ahh thanks Phil!

  6. I’m all for alternative comedy, which perhaps should be sit down comedy. I’d be more comfortable with that. Your armchair awaits.

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