Throwback Thursday! The Drunk That Saved Pittsburgh


I pulled this post out of the archives to celebrate the fact that me and Mrs. Phil are heading to Disney World without the kids today. Tomorrow we will be eating and drinking our way through every country in the Epcot section of Disney World. This post is a classic from my first trip to Disney with my kids eleven years ago.


(May 22, 2005) The first and most enduring memory of my trip to Disney World is of the shuttle bus ride from the Orlando airport to the hotel. Prior to my trip I had thought that the entertainment wouldn’t start until we actually arrived at Walt Disney World (aka The Costliest Place on Earth). Thanks to the gratuitous disbursement of alcoholic beverages by the airline, the early entertainment was provided by a representative of a Pittsburgh chemical company who flew to Orlando on “business.”


It’s a good thing he took a shuttle bus because I’m sure that after the flight Mr. Pittsburgh had no business being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. He barely had any business being allowed in a motor vehicle. The fumes he was giving off could have been lethal if we couldn’t have opened the windows. His partner was a bit more inhibited, but seemed to be, to the endless amusement of Mr. Pittsburgh, a cell phone person (for an explanation, go back two posts). Mr. Pittsburgh’s partner was either trying to call his wife, or trying to sell his motorcycle, (which incidentally is listed on

Each time the more sober of the two was cut off from his wife on the cell phone, Mr. Pittsburgh would repeatedly shout, “Oooo…Ooooo  Call her back! Oooo…Ooooo Call her back!” (he was trying to reference the Gwen Stefani ‘Holla Back Girl’ song). At one point he became so agitated in his Rainman-like chanting that he literally began banging his head on the window of the van. Our driver, Jose, was very alarmed by this. Sensing Jose’s concern, Mr. Pittsburgh would occasionally shout, “Hey Jose! How much longer?” He must have asked this at least 3 or 4 times in a 30 minute span. After I suggested that my kids watch the ponds and rivers by the road for alligators, Mr. Pittsburgh shouted, “Hey Jose! Are there alligators or crocodiles here?” The one other apparently sober passenger, who wasn’t part of my family, quietly pointed to Mr. Pittsburgh and whispered, “I wish there were alligators here.”

Have a great Thursday! ~Phil

11 responses to “Throwback Thursday! The Drunk That Saved Pittsburgh

  1. Disney World with Mrs Phil and without the kids? Have a great time! Oh gosh- that first picture nearly made me drop the phone. It was ha- larious! Have a fun time-am super jealous!

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  2. Wow, kid free Disney! Er… Wait a minute… Have a great time you two! 😀

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  3. And if he ate him that would make for
    One pretty drunk alligator!

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  4. Thanks for the post Phil. Another reason to avoid people.

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  5. Haha! Enjoy your trip, may you never wish for alligators! 🙂

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