Wordless Wednesday!

Nearby Niagara Falls is considered one of the wonders of the world, but this home in the city of Niagara Falls is a wonder of some kind. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

27 responses to “Wordless Wednesday!

  1. It looks like a gingerbread house, in a way. 🙂

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  2. Fantastic photograph, Phil

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  3. Oh dear. I’m thinking about the poor neighbours.

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  4. What the shit? haha. Cool. Or is it? hmm.

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  5. Did you read the sign over on the left? I definitely don’t think I’d be able to hang out in the front yard for long. Either get a migraine or vertigo!

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  6. Looks like there’s candy everywhere
    I bet a mean old witch lives there.

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  7. Sweet baby Jesus, what’s going on there? Your eyes can’t even take it all in at once!

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  8. What the @&!$??!!!!! I’m shocked that’s even allowed based on the distance to the next house. Yikes. I’d move but who the heck would buy my house next to that? lol

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  9. Yikes! 😛 I am confused…should I laugh, say ugh, or go join a church.

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  10. It is kind of pretty but a tad bit overdone. . . Don’t cha think?

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