Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

10. Dogs always warn you when there’s a house fire.

9. According to Cruella Deville, they make excellent coats.

8. Dogs are too stupid to lie.

8. The Grinch had a dog. (Who knows his name?)


7. Dogs often solve mysteries (see Doo, Scooby)

6. Dogs are capable of making noises you can hear more than three feet away.

5. When Timmy falls down a well dogs will always tell you.  Remember Baby Jessica? Yup, dog told them where she was.  (I hope she reads this. Hi Jessica!)


4. Brian Griffin (R.I.P.) fom Family Guy, funniest cartoon character ever, is a dog.


3. Dogs always act like whatever you’re saying is really interesting. Cats won’t even feign a little interest.

2. Dogs will always clean up food you drop on the floor. In fact, my dog is officially my housekeeper.


1. If my dog hadn’t followed me up to my writing room, like she does every night, I would still be trying to figure out my Top Ten list for today.

If you have any more reasons why dogs are better than cats feel free to share in the comments. Cat people, you get your day next week. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

32 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

  1. Dogs don’t need litter boxes. In fact I’ve had two dogs that ate their own poop, eliminating any need for me to clean up after their elimination.

  2. A dog is happy to keep you warm with cuddles anytime.

  3. I’ve never had a dog. I’ll just have to take your word for it.

  4. The Grinch’s dog’s name is Max!! 🙂

    And I love dogs more than cats as well. Mine likes to sleep on my bed the first night I am home with my parents (since he lives with them) and to wake me up, you can feel him army crawling up the side of me until he gets super close to my face…just close enough to stick his tongue out and kiss it haha. Cats just punch you in the face to wake you up! Or at least in my experience they do.

  5. Love my dogs but love my cat as well. Had to laugh at number one.

  6. Of not nice things, I shall not speak
    I’ll just wait for my turn next week.

  7. No cat has ever fought the Red Baron like Snoopy.

  8. Max is the Grinch’s dog.

    I love cats. I had cats growing up. My kiddos want cats. I’m allergic to cats. But I’m also allergic to dogs, so…

    Even though I love cats, I shudder to think what would become of my yarn if we were to get a cat (or 2).

    • My wife was allergic to cats but decided to get one anyway. Now she doesn’t seem to have any allergies. I also had a friend who is allergic to cats but he married a cat person and he no longer has his allergies either. I think it’s possible to develop a tolerance. You might as well just go ahead and adopt some cats now.

  9. come see what my dog means to me

  10. Dogs are companions for weird guy’s!

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  12. LOL great post.

  13. Permission to Reblog Please! Hilarious:)

  14. Even though I have 2 cats at home, dogs are better. I will admit.

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