Blogger Stereotypes: Are You One?

Blogging, for those who can’t find enough friends to complain to on Facebook! Let’s face it, we’re bloggers. We blog. We’re part of what larger society regards as a bunch of odd balls. I suppose it’s possible that some of us are odd balls, loners in their mom’s basement, or crazy people. (yes, I’m looking at you) But then, there’s the rest of us. I’ve blogged long enough to see that although we’re all bloggers, there are sub-groups among us. Stereotypes, if you will. Are you one of them?

The “Humor” Blogger: I figured that if I’m going to offend some of my blogging friends, I might as well start with myself: There’s lots of humor bloggers and none of us are ever as funny as we think we are. I know that when I, and my fellow humor bloggers, have penned a sarcastic masterpiece of social commentary and with an exaggerated  flourish and the sound of angels in our heads, triumphantly hit Publish, we sit back with a satisfied smile waiting for our readers to fawn upon our comedic genius in the comments. What really happens is: check stats, sigh, refresh, ugh, still only ten views? “What is wrong with people? This is hilarious! I shared to Facebook, but it’s been an hour. It’s way down peoples feeds. I’d better post it again. I know they don’t want to miss my Saturday post.

The ‘I’m Writing a Book‘ Blogger: Occasionally I may fall into this category too, but others don’t just fall into this category, they burst right out of it. Repeatedly. What’s that? You’re a blogger and you’re writing a book? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Could you please mention it on your blog, daily, so we never forget? And please, by all means, tweet about it too. What’s that? It’s your first novel and you’re on the twenty-seventh revision so you can get it just right before sending to a publisher. Please tell us more!

The Music Blogger: Yes, we get that you know more music than us and all of your friends. No, we don’t want to hear the ‘B side’ of Vanilla Ice’s little known folk rock album released just last year.

The Blogging Expert Blogger: What? You have ten thousand followers? Yes, please write another post about Search Engine Optimization so I get more views on my blog. And by all means, make it a list of 99 Ways To…

The Fashion Blogger: Pictures of new clothes you’re buying? I can’t get enough! You’re so chic and your lifestyle is so glamorous! What?!!? You have an Instagram with millions more pictures of you in clothes? Be still my beating heart! Why aren’t there guy fashion blogs?

The Mommy Blogger: You have kids and they’re funny and you write stories about their adorable antics? How unique! You should write a book! And please add in how you’re trying to lose the baby weight and tell us about your workout routine!

Well, which stereotype are you? Are there stereotypes I missed? Put your suggestions in the comments and have a great Saturday! ~Phil

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  1. Lol! I thìnk I encompass a little of all of those… with some food and cats thrown in too…. what category do I fall in? Don’t forget… I love hugs too!!! 😉

  2. You missed out information bloggers like myself. I don’t think information is the right word, but I wrote a blog post this morning and I’ve used up all my creativity for today.

    Anyway, we are deadly serious people, who believe that everybody else would benefit from reading the few facts we’ve been able to scrape together because we read books, or visit places, so we share them.

  3. Yahoo, I don’t fall into any of the above LOL I am sure you will get a few reactions from this post 🙂

  4. Hilarious! And now I have to rethink my whole approach! 😝

  5. I don’t think I fall into any of these but I do love this post. It made me smile. 🙂 xxx

  6. I have literally sat back after hitting publish and said to myself, ‘what is wrong with people, that post was hilarious’, so I am cracking up right now. I think of myself as writing about the things I’ve learned from being ill and applying those lessons to my ‘civilian’ life, as it were. There is a category of blogger that writes solely about their illness. So, if you feel mean with this list then think how mean I feel when I’m saying in my head, ‘yeah we get it you’re sick’, after reading some of them. I’m going to hell, Phil. Going to hell, I tell ya!

  7. I am the “Just me” blogger. I write whatever I feel like, anything, anytime and everything. I am after all 💫

  8. LOL! The only place where I could see a tiny bit of myself is in the blogger writing a book category. Guess I managed to escape those stereotypes by the skin of my teeth! 😉

  9. Great, now I feel like Cybil of bloggers. I can identity with too many of these stereotypes.
    And did I forget to mention I’m writing a book?

    And did I forget to mention I’m writing a book?


  10. I’d be the humor blogger. I don’t fall in to any of those other stereotypes. More stereotypes:

    The blogging awards blogger: Always posting about blogging awards they’ve won, nominating other bloggers for awards and inviting bloggers to nominate other bloggers.

    The ‘I’m too busy to blog’ blogger: They don’t post much anymore but once a month or so they pop up to say they’re sorry for not blogging but they’ve just been so busy lately.

    The ‘sorry not sorry’ blogger: They write a blog post that offends someone and the next day they write a blog saying “I’m sorry you were so sensitive that you were offended by what I said and that you’re too stupid to understand what I meant by it.”

    The ‘social media is the devil’ blogger: They talk about how they’ve quit social media and it’s the best thing they ever did. They’ve realized you’re a pathetic human being if if you enjoy getting likes and follows on Facebook, if you have to post all the details of and pictures of your life on Facebook. Meanwhile they’re tracking likes and follows on their blog and posting more details about their life there than anyone ever does on Facebook.

    The vague blogger: They post about something that’s upsetting or angering them but you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about because they don’t explain the situation. I’ve been guilty of that myself.

    The humblebragging blogger: They post about how many posts they’ve written, how many likes, follows, views, visitors and comments they’ve gotten but of course they just want to say how surprised they are that their blog took off so quickly and thank all their readers and followers for making this all possible and giving them this amazing opportunity.

  11. The general lifestyle blogger!!! I like to phrase it as I’m “indecisive and couldn’t make a firm decision” hahaha

  12. What about the travel blogger who travels the world and has to tell everyone about it?? Love this post, especially the blogging expert blogger 🤣🤣

  13. I love the rant blogger. No subject too small to rant about.It is required that a lot of four letter words need to be part of the rant. In the about page there is usually a detailed discussion of some health issue that the rant blogger is fighting. (you know, hangnail etc.)

  14. You missed sex / dating / personal journey blogger? lol…

  15. I guess I could fall into the mommy category excepting on those days my sweet little cherubs decide the bath water should be on the other side of the tub causing a river to appear from one floor to next, in which case I hope I’m funny.

    Oh and I’m writing a book too. I should mention that more.

  16. My blogging once had caused a titter
    But now guess I’m just noncommittal

  17. I loved this because it’s spot on! I am the first 2 for sure! And hey….I am funny! Lol!

    • Yes, you are funny. I think I’m the first two too!

      • Yeah, Im at a point with my book that I’m self publishing by fall and if I fall on my face, I fall on my face.

      • That’s awesome! If you fall on your face, just pick yourself up, learn from your experience and do it again! My first self-published book was far from perfect, but I’m getting better every time. What’s your book about?

      • I spent exactly 365 days as a boot buyer in a country western company. I hate all things country and love my stilettos. Needless to say I was an outcast. I only took the job for health insurance bc of a pending lumpectomy. Its about all my experiences.

      • It sounds interesting and fun! If you want to do a guest post on my blog to promote it when it’s published just let me know!

  18. Confessions of an Angel Mom

    Ha! I’m new to blogging but I totally fall into the humor/writing a book blogger! Am I totally annoying!?? lol thanks for the insight!

  19. I have literally written posts on all of the above topics, apart from the SEO. I LOVE my audience, they’re so good to me! lol 🙂

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  21. LOL! I’ve written on a number of the subjects above! Well. That just means I”m well rounded, right? 🙂

  22. I am a humor blogger and I’m hilarious, damn it!

  23. But Phil, I am hilarious! LOL

  24. This is hilarious.
    You missed – people who really like animals blogger. Give me pictures of dogs all day. #guilty.

  25. I don’t belong to any stereotype then. I guess I’m a chop suey blogger. I blog whatever comes to mind.

  26. Then there are the I’m a great cook/crafter/you-name -it bloggers.

  27. Well, you actually are quite funny, Phil, even if you are slightly prone to exaggeration [smile].You didn’t mention my blog, jack of all trades and master of none [tee hee].

  28. You excluded the “wiseass sports blogger.” I will be reporting you to the blog police for not being inclusive.

  29. If I say “humor blogger” does that mean I’m admitting that I think I’m funny? Because I really try to avoid that. You know, so when I’m not funny, nobody thinks anything of it, but if I am funny it looks effortless, insouciant.

    • There’s nothing wrong with being a humor blogger who isn’t always funny. We may not be funny to everyone every time, but I bet we’re funny to at least someone every time

  30. The hobby blogger? Haha. This was interesting to read. 🙂

  31. I know there’s more than 3 here but the fashion blogger, and blogging expert blogger and mommy blogger don’t count ok…And I’m trying to be a funny music blogger who maybe one day will want to write a book


  33. the GURU blogger. The charlatans 🙂

  34. Oh gosh, this is funny! I thinking I’m the run-on sentence blogger…

  35. Could I be more hilarious?

  36. You forgot sad loner blogger 😉

  37. oh, Phil, you don’t know about the wedding bloggers…? there’s a hoard of us!

  38. I can only admit to being in two of those categories Phil. Unless I’m in denial!

  39. LOL! I’m guilty of posting obscure stuff. I usually wonder if anyone besides me know it exists.

  40. Well..I am sure I can fit at least 2/3 of them and some…lol…Maybe I should unleash my thoughts about the ever young Rod….No! Might get censored and thrown out of WP…Has anyone ever got banned or put on the WP naughty chair ???? Just a thought …ha ha

  41. Yeah, I think I’m guilty for being categorized under most of them. It kind of happened that I started with being a funny post writer, then a music blogger and then I realized that people have Youtube for that so then I moved on to a lifestyle blogger. Sucked at that. Now I’m back to being a so-called humor blogger. Loved your post!

  42. Hahaha! Love this. Especially the fashion one – so true. Check out a couple of my posts about fashion bloggers on my site! 🙂

  43. Accurate as hell.

  44. Erm…the random like/comment blogger.

    Who leaves comments in the hope that people will see them, then leave YOUR site and visit MINE.

    Not that I know any of those…


  45. Only been blogging a few days and I know I’m in the mummy category! 😂

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  47. I’m the first 2 plus I love telling people how to live

  48. The Not Fake DC

    Crap. I’m the “humor” blogger for sure. Hopefully I’ve not the “I’m writing a book” blogger yet, since I’ve gotten too caught up in humor blogging to get enough traction on the book (though I’m sure I’ll be plenty obnoxious we promotion when it gets closer to completion). So is that combination make it’s own type of blogger?

  49. The Not Fake DC

    I feel like the fashion/mommy/recipes/positive attitudes and mental health/with a dash of travel blogger all kinda blend together.

  50. i am a mutt in your species of blogger types.

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