Wordless Wednesday! Starry Squirrel


The top of this thing’s tail is about 5 feet tall. (that’s 1.8 metres for the rest of the world)

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

19 responses to “Wordless Wednesday! Starry Squirrel

  1. Where is this? You find the most interesting things!

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  2. It’s like the pigs in Seattle!

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  3. Wow, Phil, this is one huge and awesome squirrel.

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  4. My friend will love this – she’s a huge Van Gogh fan. But it’s not just the States – my home town of Hull, UK has had toads and more recently, moths (to celebrate the poet Phillip Larkin and aviator Amy Johnson). And, although it’s not an animal, I know Steve from Talk About Pop Music has decorated anchors up in his part of Scotland 🙂

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  5. The statue of this squirrel is so much more beautiful than the big egg that is erected near my home town. I don’t understand big eggs at all.

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  6. Are you making fun of the metric system? Because 5 ft is about 1.5 meters.

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    • Of course not! I was trying to make sure all my Canadian and European friends understood the height. I think I have as many readers from outside the States as I do from within


  7. That’s a 5 foot squirrel! Wowzer – he’s almost as tall as me!

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