Wordless Wednesday! Starry Squirrel


The top of this thing’s tail is about 5 feet tall. (that’s 1.8 metres for the rest of the world)

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

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  1. Where is this? You find the most interesting things!

    • It’s in a small upstate NY town called Olean. A lot of New York towns and cities have taken on a theme animal and they have colorfully painted creatures of all kinds. My hometown has painted horses all over. Erie, Pennsylvania has frogs as their theme.

  2. It’s like the pigs in Seattle!

  3. Wow, Phil, this is one huge and awesome squirrel.

  4. My friend will love this – she’s a huge Van Gogh fan. But it’s not just the States – my home town of Hull, UK has had toads and more recently, moths (to celebrate the poet Phillip Larkin and aviator Amy Johnson). And, although it’s not an animal, I know Steve from Talk About Pop Music has decorated anchors up in his part of Scotland 🙂

  5. The statue of this squirrel is so much more beautiful than the big egg that is erected near my home town. I don’t understand big eggs at all.

  6. Are you making fun of the metric system? Because 5 ft is about 1.5 meters.

    • Of course not! I was trying to make sure all my Canadian and European friends understood the height. I think I have as many readers from outside the States as I do from within

  7. That’s a 5 foot squirrel! Wowzer – he’s almost as tall as me!

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