Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things Someone Should Invent

Sure Amazon delivery drones seem like an awesome idea, but if it’s so great, why hasn’t it been rolled out for public consumption like another iPhone? Give up the flying car idea. Let’s face it, most of us shouldn’t be allowed to drive on the ground. Here are some other things I think someone should invent:

10. Remote house unlock: I can’t tell you how many times I get out of my car and point the car unlock remote at myhouse door expecting it to unlock it like it does my car.

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9. Invisible Fencing, but for kids: The people that don’t like this idea are probably also opposed to putting kids on a leash. Without a leash my parents would have lost me. I’d get curious at a store and wander off. Without a leash I’d probably have been kidnapped. If spanking is legal so should a little electricity be. If dogs can learn it, kids will learn it twice as fast.

8. A drug to increase metabolism so nobody gets fat. Any objections?

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7. A pet language translator: I think this is the big one on the list. Maybe we wear something in our ear that translates what animals are saying or they wear a voicebox on their collar that translates their noises. Chances are we’d realize that our pets are idiots, but it would still be very popular.

6. The self-driving car: I know Google is working on it. This one’s the dream isn’t it? It is for me. Just like going somewhere in a plane. I just want to put my destination in the GPS and take a nap. Somehow NASA manages to send unmanned satellites all over the galaxy but we can’t get cars that work the same way. I say we pull NASA’s funding and put it towards the self-driving car. I want to get to Pittsburgh easy, not Uranus.

5. The Home Dome: I live where it’s cold and it snows. I want a dome over my property so I never have to shovel or scrape ice off my car.

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4. A mind reading device: If we could all read each others thoughts we’d all be a whole lot nicer to each other wouldn’t we?

3. Airborne charging: The same way our cell phones and satellite dishes get a signal through the air, why can’t we get an electric charge from the air? Maybe solar charging for electric devices? Sure we’ll all get brain tumors from all the signals and electricity, but what the hell?


2. A cure for cancer: I am really angry about cancer. Also, as I said in number 3, with all the satellite and wi-fi signals flying through the air, and our heads, I’m pretty sure we’re all developing brain tumors and we’re going to need a cure big time in a few years.

1. Your idea: I’m not a genius and I definitely never have all the answers. I’m sure that some time you’ve thought to yourself that you had a great idea for an invention. In the comments, what’s your big idea? What do you think should be invented?

Right now I’m wishing someone had already invented a Top Ten list idea generator. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil 

15 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things Someone Should Invent

  1. Right now I just want a pot of coffee to be made all on its own, but I think they already have that and my coffee maker is just cheap and doesn’t make its own coffee so forget I ever said any of this.

  2. How about a remote that would mute the annoying people in the room?

  3. A self cleaning home. Now that would rock my world 😃

  4. My dishwasher is always sparkling clean after I’ve run through a load of dishes crusted with everything from spaghetti sauce to macaroni and cheese. (I like pasta, okay? Don’t judge me). Anyway, when I get in my shower I’m never as dirty as those dishes and yet I have to actually wash my shower every few weeks (okay months). When I can see the mold without my glasses, I know it is time to get out the scrubbing bubbles. Why can’t the dishwasher technology be applied to my shower so it is squeaky clean when a mostly clean human has been washed in it?

  5. While I’m with you completely on “Pittsburgh, not Uranus” I’m ready for the teleportation device.

  6. Oh,please, please, someone develop number 3. Chargers are the bane of my existence. Curing cancer is important too of course.

  7. The door remote unlock system is available with some security systems. I would like a remote to mute politicians. (And maybe a remote controlled drone to drop eggs on them.)

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