Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons To Love The Holidays!

In an effort to offset my Grinchiness from last weeks ‘Top Ten Reasons To Hate The Holidays” I present you with the opposite.

10. Ridiculous Holiday Light Displays: That’s not my house but I wish it was. I love people that take the decorating and lights waaaay too far. I wish we could do it all year long. If there’s a neighborhood that decorates all year long, let me know. I’ll move there.

9. Getting presents: Well duh! Free stuff that we didn’t know we needed or wanted? Yes please! Notice that the presents are only 9th on my list? That’s because I’m not superficial and materialistic.

wpid-img_20141208_191336.jpg8. Nutcrackers: I buy my nuts pre-cracked but I love these guys anyway for no good reason.  As much as I love them I’d also love Stephen King, or maybe me, to write a Christmas horror story where nutcrackers come to life and terrorize people like Chuckie. Imagine how creepy they’s be if you added sharp teeth! (Yes, that herd of nutcrackers is at my house staring at me right now)

7. Holiday Movies: Stay tunes for my list of the ten best holiday movies next Tuesday.

6. Time off from work: Let’s be honest, how many of us love our job so much that we’d do it even if we didn’t get paid? Bueller? Bueller? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’m taking the week off between Christmas and New Years. Don’t worry, I’ll still keep blogging because I’d do that even if they didn’t pay me.

GrinchCindyPic5. Holiday Specials: Scroll back to Dec 1st for my top ten holiday specials. The Grinch is a total badass but he’s not number 1 on that list.

4. Awkward Family Holiday PhotosI don’t care if they’re real or fake, they’re funny. I hope someday to create my own that becomes a meme on the internet.

3. Sometimes jerks try a little harder not to be: Including me. I don’t think I’m a jerk, but it’s nice that me and most other people try a little harder to be cordial, except at the mall.

2. My holiday tie collection: Yes, this is one you should love too. This year I own enough holiday themed ties that I can wear a different one every work day from Thanksgiving until Christmas. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably seen them.

wpid-img_20141208_062047678.jpg1. _________________________

Red GiftNumber 1 is left blank for you. What is it that you love about the holidays above all else? Put in the comments what you love most about Hanukkah or Christmas. Have a great Tuesday!~Phil

10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons To Love The Holidays!

  1. I do love the over the top decorated houses though I am not motivated to do that. I love the smell of real Christmas trees too. Most I love the kids all excited , that’s what it’s all about! 🌲

  2. Cookies! All kinds of crazy, decorated, undecorated, fancy shmancy, boring, delicious cookies!!!! Why do we wait an entire year to make them??!!

  3. Mince pies & mulled wine and the fact my husband gets a week off work (this is nothing to do with me being romantic, it means I’m not left to do childcare all by myself 😄). Looking forward to your Top Ten holiday films. And I’m 100% here for both no.3 & no.2.

  4. The self satisfied feeling of having done your best and survived the rest, filled with Holiday cheer!

  5. That one nutcracker in the back with the gold face looks terrified. I realize this is probably not the kind of comment you’re looking for, but that’s all I’ve got.

  6. Gotta love the awkward photos. So what would my favourite thing be? I would have to say getting all the Christmas songs playing and also discovering new Christmas songs rather than just the same old songs.

  7. You listed so many of my favorite things but my most favorite is having my kids all home at the same time. Having two away at school and one married makes it nearly impossible to get them all in the same room at the same time. 🙂

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