The Burden of A Near Christmas Birthday

“This is your birthday? Doesn’t your birthday get forgotten a lot.”  Over the course of my life I’ve probably heard that question more often than I’ve heard, “What’s your name?’ There’s a lot of famous birthdays this week. Sir Isaac Newton, Jesus, Jimmy Buffett, and me. The other guys had the good luck of having their birthdays on Christmas. Me? Nope. I missed it by two days. My birthday is today.

The others guys, who may have had their birthdays frequently forgotten in lieu of the Christmas holiday, seem to have overcompensated as adults for the birthday attention they missed out on as kids. Now they’re getting all the attention they could ever want, except Ike Newton. We’re kind of over the whole gravity thing by now.

Poor Jesus, his birthday was always on Christmas. I wonder how Jesus’s birthday went when he was a kid…

Jesus: “Mom, Dad, can we go to Chaim E. Cheese for my birthday?”

Joseph: “Sorry son, we can’t. Not since you pulled that “walking on top of the ball pit” stunt. Now everyone knows who you are. We have to go to church. Thanks a lot.” 

Mary: Joseph, don’t be sarcastic. Jesus, go get ready. Take a bath. And take a real bath this time. No walking around on top!

Jesus: “Aww…man! Why do we always have to go to church on my birthday? We’re Jewish. Shouldn’t we just be lighting candles or playing dreidel?” A petulant Jesus then stomps off to his room. Sits quietly and makes a Ho-Ho multiply until he can build his own birthday cake. Pets his dog and accidentally cures it’s leprosy.


Unlike, Jesus, Ike Newton or Jimmy Buffett, I missed out on having my birthday overlooked and as a result, I grew up without the attention seeking drive to achieve greatness. Instead of having a Pulitzer Prize and twenty best sellers that I’ve sold the movie rights to, I’ve got a few amusing short novels and this blog. I may not have achieved greatness yet, but some days when I get a few laughs and comments on my blog, you guys make feel like I have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a great weekend! ~Phil

20 responses to “The Burden of A Near Christmas Birthday

  1. happy birthday, phil and i know your pain, my daughter is in the same boat )

  2. hahaha HAPPY BIRTHDAY Phil! Some men are born great and some men have it thrust upon them, You’re just waiting for your thruster!

  3. My mom’s birthday was the 22nd. I tried to be sure it was UN-Christmasy as I could.
    Happy Birthday Phil! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Phil!! Today would have been my father-in-law’s 85th birthday. You’re in very good company.

  5. Happy Birthday Phil. Bad timing. Why not just fast forward six months and celebrate in June. (You’ll have to eat the extra age) Also,Merry Christmas.

  6. There are probably reasons why we don’t hear all that much about teenaged Jesus. Happy Birthday!

  7. A birthday near the holidays
    That must be pretty vicious
    I’d wish you a happy…what was that?
    Oh yeah…Merry Christmas.

  8. Happy Birthday, bloke.

    I loved the vignette from Jesus’ life!

  9. 🎂🍺☃️

  10. Happy birthday to you, Phil. Sorry I was late to your party! 🎂🍰

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