Give Donald Some Credit! (He really wants it !)

Donald Trump seems to be doing a wonderful job. Just ask him. He’ll be the first to tell you. Since he took office a year ago he has tweeted about all the things he has accomplished. Let’s look at some:

That’s awesome Donald. Thanks for making us feel so much more  secure about the North Korea situation.

Whew! I often fly places for my job. I’m so glad that Donald has made the airlines safer for me. On my last flight he actually buckled me in and then piloted the plane.

That’s great Donald, but the southern border of New Hampshire is Massachusetts.

Wow. This guy is really on a roll.

After this one, I don’t think I can doubt him any more.

I have to give it to him. It’s like he can do anything!

Have a great Saturday! ~Phil

23 responses to “Give Donald Some Credit! (He really wants it !)

  1. There hasn’t been a commercial airline crash in the US since 2009. Thanks Donald?

  2. Seriously, if I found out Donald read your blog I’d stop reading it. Luckily, I’m pretty sure he can’t read.

  3. I’m Canadian and I approve of this post 😂😂

    • Of course you do! Your PM isn’t a lunatic!

      • I dunno he spends most of the time crying and apologizing a f not fixing out housing crisis. He’s his own type of mental but he’s “handsome” so people look the other way *shrugs and shakes head*

  4. Fantastic Phil!

  5. That last one’s fake news
    That’s a quote
    He’s only out
    To get your vote!

  6. Despite all these inspirational and world changing tweets, Phil, you are still better off as a nation than we are.

  7. I hear the sequel is “Fire, Fury and Phil”.

  8. Thanks for the smiles…or should I credit The Donald?

  9. Lol – all the smiles Phil! Thanks

  10. I’ve completely shifted my view on Trump now. I am so pro-Trump. Yay for Trumpy.

  11. I love this post Phil! Your commentaries are hilarious 🙂

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