It’s Groundhog Day!

In case you didn’t know, it’s Groundhog Day. Who doesn’t love this movie? Especially since Bill Murray’s character was named Phil. Coincidence? I think not. This post was originally written for #ThePhilFactor on Feb. 2, 2006 and I now post it every year, over and over, just like Phil’s Groundhog Day in the movie.

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(Feb. 2, 2006) Last week I waxed philosophic about the idiocy known as The Dr. Phil Show. This week, and today in particular it’s Punxsutawney Phil. Groundhog Day the movie: Good idea. Groundhog Day the tradition: Stupid idea. The dimwitted people of Punxsatawney, Pennsylvannia have been shoving a rodent through a hole in a tree stump for almost 200 hundred years to find out if there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Hey morons, you live in the Northeast! There’s always 6 more weeks of winter! Check the calendar! It says that Spring starts on March 21st. That’s 7 weeks from now. You don’t need a rat being spooked by his shadow to figure this one out. At this point I’m getting tired of all these wanna-be Phil’s trying to horn in on my fame. If, coincidentally, a shot were to ring out in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania today and a certain rodent were to explode in a puff of fur, I was kidding when I wrote this. No harm meant, just a joke. You’ll all be my alibi right?

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I’m curious, for those of you from other countries, do you have a Groundhog Day? As always, if you enjoyed this vintage Phil Factor feel free to share it via the social media buttons below. Come back Saturday for a brand new Phil Factor. Have a great Friday!  ~Phil

37 responses to “It’s Groundhog Day!

  1. Bill Murray is one of my favorite actors. Just an FYI! Great post, Phil!

  2. We don’t have a Groundhog Day in the UK, BUT it does so happen to be one of my favourite films. Here’s to another 7 weeks of winter. FFS.

  3. If you knew how many times the phrase “Phil, Phil Connors!” was uttered in this house you’d question our sanity.

  4. Today is my youngest son’s birthday, so that’s the bigger holiday at my household. It was cute though when he was smaller. He pronounced it “girl-hug” day which worked to his advantage as he was the only boy in his preschool class.

  5. I love that movie, hate the actual day. Plus all the weather people in PA get silly about it. Lately it seems to have lost some of its charm however and I’m not entirely sure why. Animal rights protesters I think… ☃️

  6. Hahaha hilarious post 😀
    I’m from Denmark and we don’t have anything like Groundhog Day. It’s pretty much always winter here anyway 😉
    I did grow up watching that movie, though, and I agree it’s great! Though, tt took me a few years to figure out what what going on with that fuzzly little animal 🙂

  7. Ha! And you know they made it into a Broadway musical as well, right?
    ps. So what’s your opinion of Phil Donahue and Phil Collins? Gonna google “famous Stephanie’s” now.”

  8. No way do we have Groundhog Day here in Australia because A) We always know it’s gonna keep being hot
    And B) We’re basically too lazy to be bothered living a day over and over, plus it’s too hot 😜

  9. nope no groundhog day in the UK and nowhere with a name as daft as Punxsutawney. Sounds like an insult thrown at a red headed petty thief. But great film, one of those you are happy when you flip channels and its on so you can settle back for an hour and whatever…

  10. Oh Groundhog’s Day! Almost forgot!
    So six more weeks of spring or not?

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