The Friday Poll! Would You Rather…

Last Saturday in my post about Celebrity Nipples I ended with a poll about whether or not people would have plastic surgery if money was no object. The majority wouldn’t.

I used to do a poll every Friday, so I thought I’d bring back the Friday poll using “would you rather” questions. Here is this weeks question: Would you rather be completely alone for a whole year, or be constantly surrounded by people for a whole year?  In the comments give your reason for your choice!

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

27 responses to “The Friday Poll! Would You Rather…

  1. Oh my God- this was such a difficult decision. As an ambivert, both would be an absolute nightmare for me. I finally went for being alone for a year as there’s a very good chance I’d end up murdering someone if I was constantly surrounded by people. So as I really don’t want to kill anyone, I went for the first option. I think I might cope with it ever so slightly better. It would be horrible though. No doubt I’d drive myself mad. Better that than a murderer.

    • I know what you mean. This was tough for me too. My company has meetings where outside of sleep, I’m surrounded by people for 14 hours straight for 6 days in a row and it drives me crazy, but I think if I were alone I would go crazy, so I opted for the people

  2. I would definitely pick the being alone option…there is no way I could handle being surrounded by people all the time! Murder would most likely happen, and that is not cool.

  3. I want to try them both on for size. If I had to pick only 1… I would say surrounded for a year. Just finished 8 months of solitary depression back in December, so I think I’ve basically covered the alone time.

  4. Alone, I am happy with my own company, I could catch up on sewing and reading.

  5. I chose alone, too. Only because its preferable to being surrounded the whole year. I really wouldn’t like either one! I could probably manage to accomplish a lot in a year alone though… and then spend the next year partying!

  6. A really tough one Phil. Though I like alone time I’m afraid after a year I would become an eccentric cat lady. I’m going to go with people.

  7. I’d have to be surrounded by people, I can’t be alone for too long.

  8. Either would probably kill me but at least with being alone I’d get a heck of a lot accomplished… 😀

  9. Constantly like… in the bathroom too? Cuz that would get weird. On the other hand, I know myself well enough to have noticed that I’m talking to the walls if I’m left alone for a few hours—I am not meant for a solitary life.

  10. Losing the Plot

    I don’t even want to think what might happen if I was surrounded by people 24/7 I would go nuts.
    I’m not saying I wouldn’t also go nutty in solitude – but at least I wouldn’t hurt anyone, and I’d enjoy it most of the time.

  11. I see I made the popular choice, Phil. I could not be around people continuously for a year but, on the up side, I would probably be alone by the end of it!

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