Young Donald

When the TV show The Big Bang Theory came on the air I thought to myself, “Sure this is amusing, but how many nerd jokes can there be?” Apparently 12 years worth was the answer to my question. In the show, Sheldon Cooper is almost a tyrant to his roommates and friends, insisting they comply with his sometimes ridiculous demands.  CBS thought it was so funny that they created another show, Young Sheldon, based on the idea of showing the childhood of quirky character Sheldon Cooper.

I feel like we have another show in the United States featuring a quirky tyrant called The U.S. Presidency. That got me to thinking, if there could be a Young Sheldon, I wonder what a young Donald would be like?

Young Donald: Dad, the kids from next door keep coming into our yard and playing on my swings.

Daddy Trump: You should build a wall to keep them out.

Young Donald: But I don’t have the money for all the materials. Hmm… I know, I’ll make them pay for it!

Daddy Trump: That’s my boy!

Young Donald: (getting a feverish look in his eyes) Yes! And I’ll lock the younger kids in our dog kennel!

Daddy Trump: Ummm…Donny…

Young Donald in school at lunch:

Other Kid: Hey Donny, I”l trade you my tuna-fish sandwich for your ham sandwich.

Young Donald: First of all, don’t call me Donny. Don’t do that. Don’t ever do that. You can trade me your tuna-fish sandwich, but you’re going to have to pay me a Twinkie tax as well.

Or maybe Young Donald in debate club:

Young Kim Jong-Un: Donald, you have to stop threatening to fight my school.  This is debate club. You can’t say you’re going to obliterate my school.

Young Donald:  Fake News! If you try to oppose  me I will rain down fire and fury on your school!

Young Kim Jong-Un: Dude, lighten up. What are you talking about? WTF is ‘fake news’?

Young Donald: You know what? If you don’t back down I’m going to come over to your school to tell you how wrong you are.

That’s it for today everybody. Have a great rest of your weekend!  And CBS, I hope you don’t sue me for borrowing the picture and your show idea.

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  1. I try not to comment on another countries politics but this was amusing .

  2. I am dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. You remind me of Trevor Noah. Felt like I was reading the script of the daily show.

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