Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Worst Ideas For Top Ten Lists

10. The Top Ten Rashes Shaped Like Presidents

9. The Ten Most Horrific Diseases You Didn’t Know About


8. Ten Ways Your Pets Might Kill You

7. The Ten Worst Ideas for Top Ten Lists

6. Ten Ways To Tell If Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You

5. The Ten Most Painful Things That Could Happen To You

4. Ten Reasons You’ll Never Really Find Happiness


3. The Ten Most Unusual Bowel Movements Ever 

2. Ten Ways Your Children Will Disappoint You

Preview (1)

1. Ten Things Living Inside Your Body Right Now

So who wants me to actually look up and create lists for all of these? And which one would be the absolute worst for you to read? Or do you have another suggestion for the list? Have a great Tuesday everyone! ~Phil

18 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Worst Ideas For Top Ten Lists

  1. love your list, and no, don’t need to know any further info about #1. )

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  2. can you make number 5? that way the next time my toddler hits me in the head with a toy, I can not worry about the pain as there are 10 things that cause more pain then that

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  3. Please can you do 8 or 2. Thanking you.

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  4. I’m a little too familiar with #9, so let’s not do that one. I’ve already written #4, so you can have that one.

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  5. I can contribute to several of those lists. My cat, Shadow, almost killed my husband! No joke! Did not see that coming,

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  6. I like all of these, although the horrible diseases one sounds very intriguing. I think I already wrote enough about poo in a previous post, so I’m good for that one:-)


  7. I think I have seen the click bait for these lists. Good job, Phil


  8. How about a top 10 list of horrible baby names?

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  9. Phil ~
    I didn’t know there could possibly be any other person who was a bigger freak than I am.
    As Always ~

    ~ Ms. Mae

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