Newsflash: People Mag Cheats Phil Factor Out of Sexiest Man Alive Nod

In an obviously underhanded maneuver last week, People Magazine named Idris Melba as Sexiest Man Alive while I was away on vacation. People magazine very obviously was trying to avoid the comeuppance of years past when my annual Sexiest Man Alive post always shows up their flagship announcement by getting more comments and views.

Aside from being related to the family that invented the worst toast ever, what has Idris Melba ever really done? First of all, his name is a nightmare. Just a random assortment of letters. Once his name was used on Wheel of Fortune and it took contestants two weeks to figure it out. Also, his birth name is Idrissa. What does that even mean? Did his parents want him to be a girl? Maybe, that’s why he has a doll.

What kind of arrogant ego-maniac signs off on having a doll made of their likeness? Here’s an earlier picture of him when he was a homeless drifter in East London:

Not so sexy there is he ladies? Good for him for picking himself up and making a go of it as an “actor”. That’s fine. I have no issues with Idris Melba. He seems like a fine actor and a good guy.

The real story here is how People magazine attempted to slip this announcement into the public arena when they knew that I was away. I’m flattered that People Magazine tracks my movements so closely. Every year for thirty years they’ve announced the Sexiest Man Alive like clockwork, the second Wednesday in November. And for the past ten years on the very day of their announcement I have blogged about their poor choice and my obviously stellar qualifications. (Don’t believe me? Google The Phil Factor Sexiest Man Alive. It’s even better if you click Images) This year I plan a vacation the first week of November and BOOM!  People drops the announcement a week early. Coincidence? Obviously not. That’s OK People, do what you want. Me any my readers know who the true Sexiest Man Alive is.

Have a great Saturday! ~Phil

11 responses to “Newsflash: People Mag Cheats Phil Factor Out of Sexiest Man Alive Nod

  1. Well they sure checked their marketing schedule out properly to pip you to the post!

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  2. While I understand your yearly disappointment and resentment of the timing, I really can’t argue their choice this time.

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  3. i’m sure they asked around and knew you were away and not available for spur of the moment photo shoots

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  4. Yeah, you might have been on vacation – but I wasn’t, so explain that. It should have been one of us. I mean like, my reaction was just like Taylor Swift’s response to losing the 2014 Grammy to whoever….

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  5. How sneaky is that? Waiting until you were on vacation! As for their choice – can’t see it myself…

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  6. They got it all wrong. Again. As much as I love Idris, he’s no Phil Taylor.

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  7. Just like the liberal press. Avoiding you and going for fake sexy.

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  8. You’ll need a hat. And a beard.
    OK, you’ll be in competition with me as well as whoever else is flavour of the year next time then but just offering some honest advice to get you in the running.

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  9. People, aren’t they published by Pendant? Those bastards!

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