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Newsflash: People Mag Cheats Phil Factor Out of Sexiest Man Alive Nod

In an obviously underhanded maneuver last week, People Magazine named Idris Melba as Sexiest Man Alive while I was away on vacation. People magazine very obviously was trying to avoid the comeuppance of years past when my annual Sexiest Man Alive post always shows up their flagship announcement by getting more comments and views.

Aside from being related to the family that invented the worst toast ever, what has Idris Melba ever really done? First of all, his name is a nightmare. Just a random assortment of letters. Once his name was used on Wheel of Fortune and it took contestants two weeks to figure it out. Also, his birth name is Idrissa. What does that even mean? Did his parents want him to be a girl? Maybe, that’s why he has a doll.

What kind of arrogant ego-maniac signs off on having a doll made of their likeness? Here’s an earlier picture of him when he was a homeless drifter in East London:

Not so sexy there is he ladies? Good for him for picking himself up and making a go of it as an “actor”. That’s fine. I have no issues with Idris Melba. He seems like a fine actor and a good guy.

The real story here is how People magazine attempted to slip this announcement into the public arena when they knew that I was away. I’m flattered that People Magazine tracks my movements so closely. Every year for thirty years they’ve announced the Sexiest Man Alive like clockwork, the second Wednesday in November. And for the past ten years on the very day of their announcement I have blogged about their poor choice and my obviously stellar qualifications. (Don’t believe me? Google The Phil Factor Sexiest Man Alive. It’s even better if you click Images) This year I plan a vacation the first week of November and BOOM!  People drops the announcement a week early. Coincidence? Obviously not. That’s OK People, do what you want. Me any my readers know who the true Sexiest Man Alive is.

Have a great Saturday! ~Phil

TBT! The Phil Factor: Sexiest Man Alive? Maybe.

This is my Throwback Thursday post and also kicks off my annual campaign to be named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine.


It’s time.  If you’ve been following The Phil Factor for a while you’re well aware of my past campaigns to be elected President or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first. When I say “my past campaigns” what I mean is my annual post expressing surprise that I wasn’t selected as Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Click HERE to see last years.

I’ve decided that it’s time to be proactive rather than reactive. This year instead of just sitting back and hoping that I’ll be noticed, I’ve decided to actively campaign for Sexiest Man Alive.  I’m serious and I’m going to need your help. Here is my platform:

1. I’m a normal guy. Aren’t we all tired of magazines pushing these unrealistic expectations of what is sexy on us? It’s always rail thin models with implants and “hunky” guys (also maybe with implants) who have no real jobs so they work out all day with a personal trainer. How about if People chose a “real” man for Sexiest Man Alive? A normal guy who is sexy because he’s smart, funny, works hard, and provides for his family? Isn’t that what most women really want at the end of the day instead of an unattainable playa’? As you can see from the picture below, I don’t have a single implant, hair or otherwise!


2. No nightlife? No problem. It’s hard for your man to be sexy for you if he’s out at the clubs or allegedly “on location” shooting his next project. You know what I think women find sexy? A man who comes home at night with flowers, helps clean up from dinner, takes the kids to the park and then sits down with a glass of wine next to you on the couch while you watch those ridiculous cooking and home improvement shows. Of course if I had a nightlife, or friends in real life who invited me out that would be different, but I don’t, so consequently, I’m sexy as hell to real women who want a real man. I’m not even sure I can find my Hammer pants anymore. Is that still a thing?

3. Intelligence. Now I know nobody is going to mistake me for Leonardo DaVinci, but I’m pretty sure I could crush Leonardo DiCaprio at Jeopardy! Most people think intelligence is sexy. Marilyn Monroe once said that the sexiest man alive was Albert Einstein. I’m not going to give you a lecture on physics, but I can hold up my end of a conversation.  Just like Spike TV has that Pros Vs. Joes show where former pro athletes take on “ordinary guys” at a variety of sports challenges, I’m willing to pit myself against any show biz pretty boy in a Jeopardy! challenge. C’mon People magazine! Set it up! Let’s make this years Sexiest Man Alive earn it by being sexy inside and out. How about me, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet vs. Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper & Ryan Reynolds in a game of Trivial Pursuit? That would be riveting television!


So I’ve made my case as to why I should be named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive this year, but how can I get People Magazine to find out about me? That’s where you come in. If everyone reading this does two small things I think we can change the world, or at least a magazine cover. As I’ve already done, just e-mail the link to this post to:  editor@people.com and make sure you hit the re-blog or Facebook share button below so this goes viral.

Blake Shelton: Red Neckiest Man Alive

Yes, that’s right, I used the word “neckiest.” Blake Shelton is not just a red neck, he’s the red neckiest of red necks. Truth be told though, he does need a big red neck to hold up that gigantic melon he calls his head. His noggin is shaped like a canned ham. A giant canned ham. If his head was a canned ham, a family of twelve could have a nice Christmas dinner with it.

If Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive, then the Russians have obviously meddled in another one of our elections. Election? I don’t remember voting. Where the hell was my polling place for this train wreck? I guarantee you that if there was an actual election Blake Shelton would never win Sexiest Man Alive.

Look at the relative size of their heads in the picture above. Blake could kill him with a head butt. That’s why he looks so terrified. Think about this: The big stupid head pictured above is allegedly sexier than every other man on planet Earth. Every. Other. Man. Including me! I know. Hard to believe, right? I’m not into guys, not that there’s anything wrong with that, and I could still name ten guys sexier than Blake Shelton.

It just occurred to me that Shel-ton sounds a lot like Shit-Ton, as in Blake Shit-Ton needs a shit ton of hair product for a head that large.

Speaking of planet Earth; remember that solar eclipse we had back in August? That wasn’t the moon blocking the sun. It was Blake’s head. He just walked outside.

Remember when Blake took up with Miranda before his divorce to his first wife? Then he was married to Miranda Lambert and cheated on her? Now he’s on to Gwen Stefani. He’s cheating and sleeping his way to the top. Is this the role model we want for young impressionable rednecks?

Upon being named Sexiest Man Alive, with a dribble of chewing tobacco spit on his chin, Blake said, “I can’t wait to shove this up Adam’s ass,”  referring to fellow The Voice judge Adam Levine, who is also a past Sexiest Man Alive. Ooh that’s classy Blake. That ought to play well with the middle America, Honey Boo-Boo, right wing crowd though. You’ve got to be kidding me. I was beaten out for Sexiest Man Alive by that goober? People Magazine, to what lowest common denominator are you pandering? And Blake, if you’ve got a problem with this, I’d love to hear from you.

Want to Win Something? As an aside, my book Time To Lie is still in the running in the AllAuthor.com November Cover of The Month contest. If you voted for me last week, would you mind voting again? And if you haven’t voted yet, why not? Just click THIS LINK and click “Vote.” There’s no sign-up, or leaving your e-mail or anything. If you vote, come back here and leave a comment that you did and I’ll  enter you in a drawing to win an e-book, paperback, or Audible version of my book. Thank you! Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

Dwayne “The Failure” Johnson, Sexiest Man Alive?


So now People Magazine is stooping to this. Dwayne “The Failure” Johnson has one movie out and another coming out soon, so People names him Sexiest Man Alive, hoping to gravy train off of his publicity. Sad.

Also, are we going to accept a complete failure as our Sexiest Man Alive? We already did for our Presidency; do we want, as a country, to add another ridiculous iconic has-been as the face of our nation? This is what people should really be protesting about.

I like the angry baby more than Dwayne Johnson

I like the angry baby more than Dwayne Johnson

So why do I call him Dwayne “The Failure” Johnson? Let’s take a look at his career, shall we? He played college football, but didn’t make it to the pros in the States. FAILURE! He went to Canada and played briefly in their league and was cut. FAILURE! He went into professional wrestling for a while, but quit that. FAILURE! Every television show he has ever been on, such as Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, and Transformers Prime have been cancelled. FAILURE! Then he made The Tooth Fairy and Jem & The Holograms.  FAILURE! That’s right Dwayne. Everyone else may have forgotten, but I didn’t. You made Jem & The Holograms.  That’s on your record forever, like herpes. Only that movie was worse than herpes. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Yes I can Dwayne. What I smell is a lot of movies that stink. Never won an Oscar. FAILURE! That’s a lot of failing. Let’s face it, any successful movie he’s been in has been carried by someone else. In Fast and The Furious, the cars were better actors than he was.

Is this the example we want for our children? To reward failure? Is the Sexiest Man Alive award now just another one of the participation trophies that gets handed out?


Again, People Magazine overlooked my all too obvious attributes that make me an obvious choice. Dwayne Johnson? Bald. Phil? Head full of lustrous locks. Dwayne Johnson? Too many tattoos. Phil?  Just the right amount. Dwayne Johnson’s blog? Non-existent. Phil? Kicking ass in the blogosphere since 2005. Dwayne Johnson employment record? In and out of jobs constantly. Phil? Consistently employed since I was 16. Dwayne Johnson’s books? Not sure if he can even read books, much less write one. Phil? Written several books that are better than you’d think. Dwayne Johnson made Tooth Fairy. Phil? I may have done some stupid stuff in my time, but never anything that bad.

So there you have it. Dwayne “The Failure” Johnson seems like a very nice guy, but what has he really done to earn our respect as Sexiest Man Alive? On the other hand I’ve been here for you to read every Saturday with your morning coffee. Now that’s sexy as hell, right ladies? How many of you wake up and read my blog every Saturday? How many of you wake and and see what Dwayne Johnson did every week? I thought so. I rest my case.

Have a great weekend! ~Phil

Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Reasons I Should Be Sexiest Man Alive!


It’s coming. It’s coming soon whether you like it or not. This week the most powerful man in the world will be announced. What? You thought that was that little election from last week? Puh-leeze! Sometime in the next two days People Magazine will announce their Sexiest Man Alive for 2016. I may have been called a lot of things over the years, but, hard to believe, this prestigious title has eluded me. Yes, I know you’re surely saying to yourself, “What? There must be some mistake! How could Phil not already  have been named Sexiest Man Alive?” Here are the top ten reasons why I should be:

10. I have a blog: Most of the dopes who are named Sexiest Man Alive don’t have a blog. Heck, we’re not even sure if most of them can read or write.


9. I would look great on money: Why not? Why does money have to feature old,  dead Presidents? Most of them are pretty ugly any way. I propose that each Sexiest Man Alive gets to spend the following year as the face on the American one dollar bill.

8. I’m an accessible, man of the people kind of guy: You can e-mail me, comment on my blog, follow me on Twitter and play me in Words with Friends. How often will Leonardo DiCaprio or Chris Hemsworth do that for you?

7. When I’m elected Sexiest Man Alive: I will outlaw corks on wine bottles and mandate they all be screw caps. There’s no good reason we have to continue to use a medieval torture device to open our wine.

6. I’m all natural: Unlike most of the previous Sexiest Men, I’m all natural, no steroids, hair implants or hair dye. I’m 100% pure, all American man.


5. I’m employed: Have you ever noticed that they always choose actors? That’s a fly by night bunch if I ever saw one. Flitting from one job to the next. I’m employed full-time every day and I have health insurance. That’s the American dream right?

4. In you’re life, I’m more important than any of those actors. Think about it. You intentionally look at my picture on this blog several times a week. How often do you go out of your way to look at Channing Tatum or David Beckham?

3. I once dated Kim Kardashian: 


2. I was once named Sexiest Blogger Alive  so doesn’t it make sense that I should take the next step and ascend to the real throne?

1. If something were to happen to Donald Trump I would be next in line for the Presidency, right?

Come back Thursday for my iconic annual reaction to Sexiest Man Alive announcement. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

People Magazine Got It Wrong. Again

David_and_Victoria_Beckham_Funny_Moment 1

David Beckham? Seriously People Magazine? This is 2015, not 1999. That guy has got to be as old as me! He retired two years ago! He’s unemployed. He’s old and unemployed and People Magazine chose him over me for this years Sexiest Man Alive title. If old and unemployed is the criteria then why not choose Gene Wilder or Bernie Sanders?


Me and The Becks used to be besties until “the incident.” Over the years I put up with a lot of s–t from who, at the time, I considered my best buddy. Throughout our childhood I put up with a lot, and believe it or not, as kids I was the one who shined the brightest on the soccer field, or football as some of you say. David came over to the States as an exchange student for the summer and stayed with my family. I was great at soccer while at the time David was a scrawny, awkward teen with braces, glasses, and fashion sense that would make Sheldon Cooper roll his eyes.

Over that three months that Becks was at my house we practiced soccer skills daily. I taught him how to lose those glasses and overcome his 20/400 vision by just trying to see harder. I taught him everything about style and suave-ness. It all was fun and we grew close, until my girlfriend Samantha came over. Then David, jealous of my manly American ways, used the cool British accent, and everything else I had taught him, to woo Samantha. One day I caught them kissing. I was heartbroken and furious with Becks and sent him packing back to England tout de suite.


In the picture above, my head is intentionally in color. It was a special effect the photographer was trying. In fact, Becks is so jealous of me that I bet you could probably find a picture on the internet just like this but with his head photoshopped in. It was at this shoot that I met Vicki, a young aspiring model/singer from the U.K.

Later when I was dating Vicki and helping her get her career off the ground by teaching her to sing, the Becks came back for a visit, seeking my forgiveness. I forgave him, but then later while Vicki and I were at dinner, she left to go to the ladies room and left her mobile on the table.  Guess whose text popped up on her screen? When she returned I flew in to a rage, overturning the table and storming out of the restaurant. Vicki of course left me and the rest is history.

Yes, David Beckham may be an overrated, unemployed, girlfriend stealing has-been, but those reasons are not why People Magazine should have chosen me over Becks. Here’s the reason: Later he and Victoria got married and had kids. The marriage and the kids are not a problem. The problem is that they named their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Harper Seven and Cruz. Harper Seven?!!? Are you kidding me? Is there some pretentious Hollywood cult that teaches these idiots to give their children ridiculous names? Scientology maybe? These people have to be stopped. You cannot reward this type of idiotic behavior with Sexiest Man Alive Awards. What if the kids with idiotic names grow up and procreate with other kids with idiotic names and then they name their kids with more idiocy? We’ll have a world of people named after random directions, numbers and inanimate objects. How confusing will that be?

You know what should be rewarded with Sexiest Man Alive Awards? A good blog, steady employment and kids with normal names. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil, aka The REAL Sexiest Man Alive.


TBT! People Magazine’s Sexiest Blogger Alive

It’s that time again. Next week People Magazine will name their Sexiest Man Alive. Last year I was oh so close. I’m hoping this is my year. Here is what I wrote about it last year.

(11/20/14)  Yes, it was a small crumb of acknowledgement yesterday when People Magazine named me Sexiest Blogger Alive. I’ll take it, but I’m not happy about it. That’s like being named the second smartest Kardashian. I wanted the big award. I wanted Sexiest Man Alive, but again, People overlooked me for a far inferior candidate.

Chris Hemsworth?!!? Are you kidding me People Magazine? I’m not even sure if he’s Captain America, Thor or The Hunger Games! And he’s Australian! Australia has their own People Magazine and they didn’t name him their Sexiest Man Alive. If he can’t win an award in his own country then why should we give him our awards? If he was any good at acting shouldn’t Kangaroo Barbecue Magazine named him Sexiest Bloke in The Outback or some such nonsense?



That’s it. That’s the best picture of Chris Hemsworth that I could find on the internet. There weren’t really that many to be honest with you. Kinda makes me wonder how popular this guy really is. There’s also one more thing I wonder about him. In his family there are three brothers: Liam, Luke, and Chris. Do you see a problem there? I do. His brothers names both start with the letter L. Chris’ name does not. It very clearly starts with the letter C. Suspicious don’t you think?

All the other sibling names start the same, but his is different, making me think that he might be different; perhaps adopted and already had the name so they didn’t change it. If he’s adopted, that means he could  be the son of anyone in the world, including Osama Bin Laden. Or worse yet, he might be a Bieber, Lohan or Kardashian! Maybe his name is really Kris Kardashian.


This is what the People Magazine cover should have looked like.  I could have and would have volunteered to write my own profile for them. Did Chris do that? I doubt it. In fact we have no proof that he can write. Have you read his blog or any of his books? Of course not! He doesn’t have any blogs or books. He’s a total illiterate as far as I can tell!

So People named an illiterate, girl haired, possible son of Bin Laden their Sexiest Man Alive over me. This is wrong in so many ways. Excuse me, I think I need a moment. If you didn’t click on the links for Sexiest Blogger Alive and Kangaroo Barbecue Magazine you probably should.

As always, if you enjoyed #ThePhilFactor please share (with People Magazine) by hitting the Facebook, Twitter, or re-blog buttons below. Have a great Thursday! ~Phil