Throwback Thursday! Clown Lives Matter!

I’m posting this throwback post from 2016 because I love creepy clown stuff weirding people out.

Phil clown

Many of you are familiar with the current clown crisis in the United States. I would like to say that me reporting on it and a guy in Northampton, England who did it, were way ahead of the curve. Back in Sept. 2013 I wrote about the Northampton Clown.

If you’re not familiar with the “clown crisis” in the United States, first let me decrease your anxiety by stating that it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

The clown crisis is a trend of people dressing as creepy clowns and behaving in somewhat menacing ways in random places towards random strangers. Imagine getting home from work after dark. You get out of your car and no one else is around. Suddenly a creepy clown steps out of the bushes or from between a couple nearby cars and starts walking towards you. Yeah, it’s stuff like that that’s been going on constantly all over the United States for about two months now.


It’s become such a trending topic that on Twitter Stephen King said:

Really Steve? You are completely responsible for people being afraid of clowns in the first place.


Guess what everybody? I’ve got a hunch that the clown crisis started as a publicity stunt for…a movie remake of IT that’s scheduled to be released next year. Yes, IT was a movie in 1990 and because Hollywood has run out of original ideas, they’ve made another one. It’s in post-production now. I’m thinking that some marketing genius decided to try to start kind of an underground Blair Witch-like independent buzz about scary clowns and hired some actors to pop up in creepy clown costumes. It worked, but it bred teenage idiotic copycats.

Sadly however, it’s always the children clowns that suffer. Yes, there is outcry from all over the country from “real” clowns that the recent outbreak of creepy clowns is scaring people away. Watch this short video interview:

Did he just say, “John Wayne Gacy. Nice guy as a clown, I’m told by clown people.”?!!?  First of all, who has “clown people” ? Although I’m sure many of you think I’m a clown people kind of guy, surprisingly I’m not.

Sadly, the mean, scary clown craze has ruined the clowning industry. According to an interview with Yo Yo the clown, of Syracuse, “These creepy clowns walking through the neighborhoods is really disturbing for us good clowns who just want to make people happy,” Yo Yo said. “There are a lot of good clowns out there.” Yo Yo, You’re damn right there are a lot of good clowns out there. So why don’t they do something about it? Why can’t the good clowns patrol our neighborhoods and fight the creepy clowns? I want a full on Clown War! Or at least a Netflix original series based on that premise.

I believe however that the creepy clown craze has just about run it’s cycle. How do I know this? Because there’s a #ClownLivesMatter movement. Just check the hashtag on Twitter. Someone has organized a #ClownLivesMatter peace walk in Arizona. Seriously, now we’re doing a 5K to support serious clowns? I can’t wait for the ribbon magnet to put on the back of my car. Of course if I do, I’ll be able to fit like 20 people in there.

Hey, just for fun, since I’ve used the hashtag #ClownLivesMatter, could all of you click either or both the Facebook and Twitter share buttons below? I’d love to see this post show up really high in the Google list when people do a search for #ClownLivesMatter. Have a great Thursday! Just don’t do  too much clowning around ~Phil

19 responses to “Throwback Thursday! Clown Lives Matter!

  1. Scary clowns better be careful around here. To many people have guns.

  2. Lol
    I don’t even know how it started, its like I fell asleep and when I woke up the clown fever had taken over. The videos, the memes… I just can’t deal with it.
    But I actually never thought about the actual clowns, hopefully, this will soon blow over.

  3. I have been living under a rock apparently. Thank goodness for your informative piece. I hate being behind the curve on these life changing social movements. 😂😂😂 (hilarious, Phil!)

  4. I don’t care what you say, clowns still bother me. Good post though.

  5. Good clowns…well that’s interesting
    I didn’t know there was such a thing.

  6. I used to like circus clowns and also Bozo the clown! My kids and grandkids all seem afraid of clowns, one way or another.
    I wish the scary and horror movies would have stuck to hockey masks!!

  7. Have you ever watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space yet?

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  9. The clown thing is getting ridiculous from what I’ve read. I mean you know it’s bad when Stephen King comes out and says something.

  10. Most clowns I run into are normal average-looking “Joes” and “Janes” wearing average garbs as opposed to “circus wear”, who don’t don red noses or flamboyant wigs.

    What makes them frightening is their either being morons, jerks, assholes, or maybe being a bit psycho.

  11. There’s clowns near where I live!! I have photos if anyone wants to see..

  12. I love clowns, there so much sadness behind the mask, you can feel it. The heart shines through.

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