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Please Let It Be Haunted…

Amityville Horror House

You may be asking yourself, what do I want haunted and why? First of all, why are you asking yourself that? You don’t know! I do and I’m going to tell you.

For the fifth time since The Phil Factor began in 2005, I’m moving to a new residence. Other questions you might be asking yourself are as follows:

1. Why does Phil move so much? 

2. Could he be trying to stay one step ahead of the law?

3. Could he possibly be a secret agent for the FBI, CIA, or MI5?

Was that a poltergeist, or just really kick-ass hi-def tv?

Never mind those questions. They are irrelevant. I’m moving again, and I’m hoping for a haunted house. I’m not hoping for just any run of the mill ghosts who make little noises at night. I want the full on Amityville Horror haunting. I want poltergeists out the ying-yang!

My last home, before the one I’m in now, was lightly haunted and it was enjoyable. I don’t want lightly haunted. This time I want the full on Stranger Thingsmy son is in the upside-down” kind of haunting. I want to see my dog walking on the ceiling and not knowing why. I’ll be running around the house with my cell phone recording myself Blair Witch Project style, only to find myself in the closet facing the wall.

Is this bad mojo to put this idea out into the universe? Probably. Will I regret it? Also probably. But, imagine how great all my paranormal blog posts will be when I’m reporting from my own home! I’ll have video and audio, and I promise I won’t be shouting about orbs. Zak Bagans is a clown. After about ten years he suddenly needs gigantic glasses? Did he go blind because he got an orb in his eye? SMH.

For cripes sake Zak. If you’d stop yelling all the time we might be able to hear the ghost talk in those crappy, static recordings. Every week you act like you’ve never seen a ghost before. And if you want to fight me Zak, I invite you to have your say on my blog and if you’ll invite me to follow you on one of your “investigations”, I’ll write about it. Sounds fair, right?

So here’s my question for you my readers: Answer in the comments, would you live in a haunted house, maybe if it was only lightly haunted?

Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading! ~Phil

Sometimes The Paranormal Finds You

Are you familiar with the story of the Amityville Horror House? Everyone became aware of this legendary ghost story when the original film was released in 1979. The story that inspired the movie is supposed to be true.

A family had moved into a beautiful house in the town of Amityville, on  Long Island, about 45 minutes from New York City. The house was vacant because a year earlier a man shot and killed six family members there.  After the Lutz family moved in, they began to be terrorized by invisible entities that seemed intent on harming them. After just 28 days the Lutz family moved out.

I travel quite a bit for work. No, it’s not to anywhere beautiful or exciting. It’s mostly in the northeast part of the United States. On Monday of this week I was traveling for work and as I often do after a long day of driving, I seated myself at the hotel bar and ordered a beer and dinner.

As often happens, a stranger sat down next to me. While watching the sports news and eating our dinner, we started talking; first about sports and then about our jobs and families. When he found out that I used to work on Long Island occasionally, he immediately said, “Did you ever go see the Amityville horror house?”

I replied that I had once considered it as I drove by the Amityville exit, but chose not to because I didn’t want to be delayed further by the brutal evening rush hour traffic.

(What’s really horrifying is that the Amityville story has spawned a couple dozen Amityville themed movies including the ridiculous one above)

My evening dinner companion then told me that one day he and his family drove five hours just to see the Amityville horror house. That’s a wholesome way to spend family time together, huh?

They parked their car on the street in front of the house and got out to take pictures on their cell phones. My friend Doug said that he first tried to take a picture, but his phone screen was just static. Then his wife and kids tried taking pictures on their phones and the same thing happened. Four peoples phones wouldn’t function, as if the house itself didn’t want to be seen. But after they drove away, their phones returned to normal functioning. How’s that for creepy? Some things just can’t be explained.

I asked my new friend if he minded if I told his story on #ThePhilFactor and he gave me permission. Him spontaneously telling me that story when I’m in the midst of Paranormal Month, was an interesting coincidence, and it gave me a fun idea. If you’ve ever had your own ghost/paranormal story, would you like to be a guest author on #ThePhilFactor and tell your story? If so, message me in the comments.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil