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Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Things My Dog Thinks


There she is looking at me over my keyboard as I write this. She’s thinking too. I’m sure that dogs have little doggy thoughts in their little doggy language in their little doggy heads. Because, in addition to my writing superpower, I am also an animal psychic, here are the ten things my dog thinks most often.

10. If I had opposable thumbs I’d grab those car keys and head down to the dog park.

9. Where the hell does he go all day?  He’s probably out with his friends. Why does he spend more time with his friends than he does me?

8.  Do I smell like smoke? I hope he doesn’t notice.

Picture credit: markchitwood.com

Picture credit: markchitwood.com

7.  The neighbors cat is an arsehole. He just prances around outdoors like he owns the place.

6. 26 across: what is a seven letter word for dog?

5.  Brian on Family Guy is a terrible actor. I could do a way better job.

4. If he puts that biscuit on my nose one more time I’m going to bite him.

3.  Oh my God! He’s in the driveway. Delete browsing history. C’mon shutdown already!


2.  Butts smell great! Why doesn’t he ever smell me back?

1. The Phil Factor! Bah! It’s more like The Fool Factor. Who reads this crap? I’m starting a blog on Tumblr.

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