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The Original Artificial Intelligence: Magic 8 Ball

After a few artificial intelligent chat bots had some disturbing conversations with members of the media, people the world over are freaked out by the possibilities of A.I.  They’re asking things like “Will robots and computers take over the world?” or “Could an A.I. entity start a war?”  “Is artificial intelligence going to put us all out of our jobs?”

When I was a kid growing up, there was no Google, so we asked the Magic 8 Ball. So, why not bring the Magic 8 Ball back to solve all of our problems. And no, I don’t mean Magic 8 Ball, the epic British band that Americans have never heard of. If you want to see them, they’re playing in Portland, Maine in June.

In addition to the real Magic 8 Ball, there are also several Magic 8 Ball apps you can download to help you solve all your problems. I’ve got one and we’re going to ask it all the most pertinent questions that todays world leaders are dealing with.

1. Will there be another big banking crisis: Yes definitely was the reply, so cash out your retirement account and store that money under your mattress.

2. Is TikTok stealing all our personal data? Signs point to yes, so get off TikTok and get back on IG and Facebook with your parents and grandparents.

3. Is Donald Trump going to be President again?: 

4. Should we fear robots and A.I.? My sources say no. Hey, if the original A.I., aka The Magic 8 Ball, isn’t afraid of  A.I. taking it’s job then I’m not worried either.

5. Should you keep scrolling and read more of ThePhilFactor? Signs point to yes. Who are you to argue? Keep reading!

6. Are ghosts and extraterrestrials real? It is decidely so. Well if the original A.I. say yes, then head for Area 51 and and plan for a kick ass afterlife party!

It looks to be unanimous. The Magic 8 Ball is wise and still in control of our universe. If you had a Magic 8 Ball right now, what would you ask it? Click THIS LINK and come back and tell me what it told you!

Have a great Monday! ~Phil