It’s a Bieber World After All

Wow. That is one pretty girl next to wheelchair-bound Justin Bieber!  Turns out it is a Bieber world after all and we’re just living in it. If you just got a panicked feeling and shouted “What? Justin’s in a wheelchair?” then you must be a Belieber.  And why wouldn’t you be?


The Biebs again proved how awesome he is by using Disneyland’s policy of allowing those in wheelchairs to go to the front of the line of rides and attractions. He claims he “tweaked” his knee playing basketball.  So in spite of his great pain and suffering, the benevolent Bieber allowed his handlers to wheel him past families and children in hours-long lines so they could get a good look at their hero. Seriously, how many celebrities take the time to do that for their fans. I was so impressed that I decided to write a song about him.

When Bieber Jumped the Queues (sing to the tune of Janis Joplin’s Me and Bobby McGee click link for video

Busted flat in Disneyland, waiting for a train
And I’m feeling jaded and mean.
Bieber thumbed a wheelchair down just before it rained,
And rode it all the way to the front of the lane.I pulled my hair from my head and said “That took no time!”,
I was fuming soft while Bieber jumped the queues.
Biebers handlers slapping fans, I was holding Bieber’s picture in mine,
We sang every song that Bieber knew.Bieber’s just another nerd turned into a kid who drinks the booze,
Nothing he does, nothing’s funny if it ain’t Bieber, now now.
And feeling good was easy, when Bieber jumped the queues,
You know feeling good was good enough for me,
Good enough for me and my Bieber, baby.
From the Canadian sticks to the California sun,
Hey, Bieber shared the secrets of my soul.
Through all kinds of weather, through everything that we done,
Hey Bieber baby kept me from acting old.
Ok, that was awful, but the main reason for this whole post was just to put that picture there. If you’re not from the States and don’t know the song, I apologize.  The phrase ‘Me and Bieber McGee’ has been stuck in my head since Thursday. What I really need is my friend Marissa Bergen, who is both brilliantly poetic and musical to take the idea and make a music video  like she did with a parody of Radiohead’s Creep. Have a great Saturday! Please don’t share this. It’s just terrible. ~Phil

14 responses to “It’s a Bieber World After All

  1. You always make me laugh Phil. I must say, that new girlfriend of his is looking pretty hot – they make a cute couple!

    • Thanks Suzie! What? No comment on my awful song parody? Weird Al I am not.

      • It made me laugh, that’s why I said you always make me laugh! I thought it was very good!

      • So you’re familiar with the song?

      • I love Janis Joplin and the song – I keep playing her songs for the kids at work but they’re not having any of it. I prefer her version to the original…

      • I’m glad you know it. I was afraid that it was too old of a reference. It’s stuck in my head because as a kid my dad always walked around the house playing his guitar and singing it.

      • I was brought up by a man who was obsessed with music so I listened to everything from Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Thin Lizzy and T-Rex, Iron Maiden, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones to whatever was in the chart at the time… I credit this with my love of music today. Your lyrics were spot on…

  2. Ahhh, a little Joplin tune to hum this morning. She would have loved these lyrics! LOL. You are hysterical. We can only hope one day this little bugger gets his comeuppance…in a love and light kind of way, of course. 😉 Blessings!

  3. Uh, can I like it though? It’s funny, when I was reading this in my email, I didn’t see the part about me and was preparing a comment on how it was now your turn to do a parody! I guess it’s on me now though!! Thanks for the plug and the kind words.

    • I tried to link to your post of the Creep parody but it showed a video of your sons band doing a different song. Your Creep was far more brilliant than my meager attempt. I’m sure you could create a masterpiece mocking the Biebs

      • Thank you for your efforts. I don’t know why that happened but we created a Youtube page for my son and moved some stuff around so maybe it’s that. As for the Biebs…thinking…thinking…pondering…pondering…

  4. I scrolled through my reader and saw the girlfriend last night and laughed. And I just did again this morning. You are a delight, Phil.

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