TBT: Dear President Obama


(03/13/2013) This is my open letter to you, President Obama, and yes, I know you’ll hear about this because Michelle subscribes to The Phil Factor on her Amazon Kindle  to read while she’s home alone when you’re on those “business trips.” (yes, that’s right. For just 99 cents a month you can get The Phil Factor delivered right to your Kindle wirelessly)

Look Barack, I’m glad you’re a sports fan. Good for you. You’re a regular guy just like the rest of us. What I’m not o.k. with is you going on ESPN every year to fill out your NCAA March Madness bracket. I’m not saying you can’t do one. Just don’t go on t.v. for 30 minutes to fill it out. 1) I don’t care about your picks unless you’re actually in the same office pool as me, and 2) IT’S NOT WHAT WE’RE PAYING YOU TO DO!!!

Here’s the deal: my taxes pay your salary, ergo, that makes me and every American your boss. Guess what? Wherever I’ve ever worked they frown on employees wasting time gambling. We usually hide the hours we spend researching our brackets from the boss. We don’t invite the boss to play, so that we can pretend we didn’t waste half the week filling out our brackets and collecting money from everyone. The boss knows we do it, but he or she also likes to pretend that their employees aren’t spending most of a week screwing off. But you, you don’t even pretend you’re working! You bring in ESPN and set up a giant white board in your office and spend half a day explaining why Cals pick and roll has a real chance to give Kentucky fits in the 2nd round. Guess what Barack? I don’t care how much you know about basketball.

You know what I’d be really impressed with is if you pulled out a white board during your State of The Union address and showed a bracket full of evil dictators and communist countries that the U.S. is going to defeat.  If the whole world was hunky dory and we weren’t involved in any wars or recessions or gas prices were reasonable, sure, go ahead, take a breather and relax! It’s like as a kid, when your chores are done you can go out and play. But for the money you’re making I wanna see my President at work 24/7.


Just for being President for two terms you’re set for life financially and you get free lifetime security. That’s a pretty sweet deal. As part of that deal I kind of would like it if you didn’t treat that job like your own personal fantasy camp.  Since you took office there’s been more jocks in the White House than the Lambeau field locker room. Did I mention that me and everyone else are paying for that with our taxes? Yeah, now get back to work.

I’m not saying you can’t do an office pool with the cabinet. Remember when I said that the rest of us hide it from the boss when we waste work time on petty gambling? It’s when you get cocky and flaunt it in front of the boss that you get in trouble.  Here, if you’re so fond of petty gambling on the job, how about this: my NCAA bracket versus yours. You win, you get to stay President. I win, I get your job.

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19 responses to “TBT: Dear President Obama

  1. Let’s just hope that the President reads this article! (or at least Michelle!)

  2. Good one, Phil!

  3. Love it! So true. I used to run a football pool in the bar where I worked. My regulars were in it. One guy had his office in it, too. He used to pass me an envelope of money every week. The boss knew nothing.

  4. I think being President is a harrowing job….damned if you do; damned if you don”t…..and I think he has to catch those moments of fun when he can. HOWEVER, I would like to see some of that time, in fact a lot of that time, dedicated to re-instating the economy of the Middle Class. I’m drowwwwning here.

    • I think that if he has a job where after 8 years he never has to work again and is getting benefits paid for with my taxes, then he darn well better work really hard when he is officially on the clock.

    • Totally agree with Patricia. When my family was low income, we got free medical insurance, tax refunds and even unemployment when we needed it. Now that we have our head just a bit over water level, it’s take, take, take. There is no getting ahead!!

  5. I agree, especially with Congress. They receive a lot of “perks” for which they have been doing nothing.

  6. I think Obama is okay
    Why shouldn’t he have time to play
    Things like this prove to promote
    He deserves the country’s vote
    By showing that he can be
    A regular guy like you and me.

  7. I don’t think there is a problem with him doing this. Everyone needs some down time. Yes, He gets paid really well but, He works 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He always has to be available an ready to make decisions sometimes in a split second. So in the big scheme of things that 30 minutes or so it takes to fill out a bracket is equal to a lunch break for the rest of us.

  8. I love how you pull the leg Phil. Keep it up.

  9. Sports….ugh. Almost didn’t read the post. But slogged through and saw it was still funny, despite all the icky sports parts.

    (Phil, your novel’s link needs fixin’…)

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