Music Monday! Twenty One Pilots

Two and a half years ago I hadn’t heard of Twenty One Pilots. Heck, I hadn’t even heard of pilots one through twenty either. The first time I heard of Twenty One Pilots was when I got an email from Stubhub confirming my purchase of over $300.00 worth of tickets to their concert in Cleveland. I called Stubhub, who determined that someone had hacked into my account online and made the purchase. Now, I’ve grown to like a few of their songs. Despite their name they are not a band of twenty-one, but of only two from Columbus, Ohio. Here is their current popular song Tear In My Heart.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

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  1. Oh no! Is it resolved now? That’s certainly a way of marketing a band haha!

    • It was resolved immediately but now every time I hear them I think of it.

      • I can see why! Perhaps that would be effective blog promo – hack people’s accounts and purchase sponsorship to your blog haha!

      • It would be funny if I could hack peoples blog accounts and just have them follow me. Great idea Suzie. I’m going to get to work on that right now. Or even better find a way to to hack Amazon accounts and have everyone purchase one of my books. I’d be a bestseller overnight.

      • Absolutely! I’ve often thought about if there was a way where every blog account could just appear in your followers list – like U2 did with everyone’s iPhones. We didn’t have a choice, the album just appeared!

  2. Hey! I really liked this one!

  3. I ADORE twenty one pilots. I booked a morning off work the other week to make sure I could finally get myself a ticket for a show in November (…it sold out in less than 30 minutes).

    I had no idea who they were until about 6 weeks ago 🙂

    They are not my usual musical fare but as soon as I listened to them, something inside me vibrated in recognition. I bought their last album immediately, and preordered their newest as soon as I could.

    Obsessed? Maybe 🙂

    • I’m not surprised you have good taste in music. Yeah, its funny, if someone hadn’t hacked my account to get tickets I might not have paid them much attention. I do like pretty much everything they’ve done.

  4. What a funny way to discover a band! Unfortunate but funny. I love twenty one pilots, a lot. This is a fun song, definitely one of their more “radio-friendly” ones.

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