Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Surprising Hillary Clinton E-Mails

While Hillary was Secretary of State she used her personal phone and personal e-mail account to send work e-mails because it was too difficult for her to manage two cell phones.  Great, she can’t manage two cell phones but she wants to manage all 50 of our states? This past week about 300 of her e-mails were released to the public. Here are some surprising quotes from them:

10.  Yes, President Mamoud of  Gosnulia, here is my bank account information. Send the  500 million dollars. I get to keep half if I write you a check, right?

9.  This email confirms your order of  two tickets to Wiz Khalifa on May 26 at the Quicken Loans Arena. Your card has been charged $92.95

8.  Look, Monica, I paid you for taking care of Bill so I wouldn’t have to, and no I do not need your services again.

7.  Your subscription to The Phil Factor is confirmed. You will receive an email each time he publishes a post.

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6. Who is this Ben Gazi they keep asking me about? Is he anyone I need to know about?

5.  Your spa appointment for a Brazilian is confirmed for 1:30 on Tuesday. You must give 24 hours notice of cancellation or you will be charged.

4.  The Phil Factor? What is The Phil Factor? No I won’t interview for him.

3. I’ve been working my glutes. Did you see me in the orange pantsuit today? How does my ass look?

2.  Dammit! What’s my Tinder password again?

1. Get me Justin Bieber! If Bill can have Monica I can have Justin. I don’t care what it costs! Just do it. There’s just something about the Biebs that makes me want him to be the secretary of my state.

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Surprising Hillary Clinton E-Mails

  1. Good morning, Phil! Numbers 10 and 8 did it for me–especially 8. Am I the only woman in America who is creeped out by that man, and finds him slimy, not sexy? (shudder!)

  2. Oh that poor Hillary
    They invaded her privacy
    But for me it I guess it’s not too messy
    Considering I am her bestie
    Some embarrassment was saved us
    They didn’t see those emails from the weekend in Vegas.

  3. You fill the bill, Phil–every Tuesday. Thx!

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