Throwback Thursday! Winning!

This is an awesome classic Phil Factor post from March of 2011. Remember when Charlie Sheen went nuts?


(March 5, 2011)  Charlie Sheen. There I said it. Then again, who hasn’t uttered the words “Charlie Sheen” over the past two weeks? He says he’s “winning” while the rest of the world seems to think he’s losing it. What exactly is it that he’s losing? Ok, he may lose 2 1/2 Men, but frankly that isn’t much of a loss for anyone except Ducky and the homely teenage actor who both likely won’t find too many employment offers that don’t include a name tag and paper hat. Instead of canceling the show the producers are idiots not to incorporate Wild Thing’s latest trials and tribulations into the plot. This past week’s re-run was the highest rated show on Monday night. Idiots were watching as if Charlie Sheen was going to do something nutty.  Why not have his character go on a bender? Don’t even script it. Just buy Charlie some drugs and follow him with cameras. Make it a reality show. CBS thought the scripted show had good ratings? They could cancel all other programming and just follow Charlie 24/7 live. We’d be afraid to look away for fear that we’d miss something.

Everyone also seems to think Charlie has gone crazy. As the old saying goes, I think he’s crazy like a fox. Which is the network most likely to air his reality show. Are you kidding? There isn’t an actor or actress in the world who isn’t jealous of the 24/7 publicity Sheen is getting. Sirius satellite radio has temporarily set up a Charlie Sheen channel, Tiger Blood radio. He has more Twitter followers than any human being on the planet, and he got them all this week. I have four. (If I go on a binge and post the word “winning” on Facebook every day will you follow me?) Sheen’s agent is probably overwhelmed with offers for tv and movies right now. Imagine the redemption story! “Charlie Sheen back from the brink!” I think he knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s brilliant. If he’s high on the drug “Charlie Sheen”, I gotta get me some of that.

There you go. A classic throwback post that didn’t make it into Fifty Shades of Phil. Who else here was blogging in 2011? What? No hands? Remember on How I Met Your Mother when Barney would occasionally say, “This is so going on my blog!”? Yeah, I was blogging before him too. I’m a total blogging badass, for what that’s worth. So far nothing, but I’m hoping for some kind of blogging Hall of Fame or Lifetime Achievement Award. Anyway, have a great Thursday! ~Phil


2 responses to “Throwback Thursday! Winning!

  1. Charlie Sheen, a reality show should take action
    I’m surprised this ain’t something that already happened
    Along with your Lifetime Achievement Award
    I’ll pull strings with the Blog Academy Board

  2. You would have earned the Like just for the Bad Boy still with the big hair and black leather. Best scene in that film.

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