Fun with Search Terms: I’m Still Horniest In The Land!


Sorry that picture is so big. That’s definitely not swaggy, but it relates to the first item on my list. This is my quarterly reminder to you of three things: 1) Whatever you put into a search engine, such as Google, will be read by someone somewhere, 2) For cripes sake, log out of your Google account before doing weird searches, and 3) There’s a whole lot of idiots out there. These are actual search terms that brought people to my blog.

10 people you’d like to punch: Apparently Google thinks I am the answer to this query. If there is any justice in the universe, Justin Bieber is on this list too. Now some search engine somewhere knows I found that picture above.

i’m sinus: The jig is up. Apparently someone found out my superhero identity. I guess just wearing glasses to work isn’t much of a disguise.

the phil factor magic google plus: I do think Google is magical. Google Plus, not so much, but you can find me there.


my fortune cookie said soon you will be sitting on top of the world what does that mean: It means you should probably stop taking life advice from fortune cookies. Also, pack for a trip to the North Pole.

conversation in hindi between boy and girl while having sex: This was probably a search for my site which is entirely in Hindi. I have the most popular dating advice blog in India.

highest tweets of the phil on 2015: By all means, feel free to follow me on Twitter @ThePhilFactor. Apparently my tweets are gaining popularity.

funny quotes asking to disturb me: I think this pretty much sums up my blog. Think I should make it the new tag line?


i don’t want to play candy crush motörhead: In honor of the passing of Philthy Phil Taylor, the drummer of 80’s metal band Motorhead, Candy Crush created a new Candy Crush Motorhead game.


rejected circus peanuts: Who would reject circus peanuts? That’s crazy talk. They should be their own food group and comprise the base of the food pyramid.

top rated packaged meals: Talk about weird. WTF? Why does this bring people to my blog? This hasn’t been a top ten list yet. Do you think it should be? To be honest, I eat like a teenager. I can’t even think of ten meals that don’t begin with Mc

horniestintheland: Some aspire to political office, others to athletic greatness. Me? Well… I didn’t ask for this title but it has apparently been thrust upon me. I fear not the mantle of greatness, I welcome it.

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15 responses to “Fun with Search Terms: I’m Still Horniest In The Land!

  1. Phi for sure you are the man
    And still the horniest in the land

  2. Man no telling what will wash up onto your beach (metaphorically speaking)

  3. One of the search terms that brings people to my blog is “sex with animals”. huh? I’m sure there’s a love poem in there somewhere 🙂

  4. One of the searches that lead to my site was “I promise, I will kill you one day.” So random!! I was a bit nervous, thinking like ‘here I am just writing about migraines and random stuff man, what the heck?!’

  5. Laughed all the way through. The search phrases were funny, but you made them hysterical. Great post!

    Clearly, I’m not in the know on SEO. It is rare that my blog gets quirky search terms, and none so creative as those reported by you and other bloggers. I am envious. Google Translate to the rescue! I shall post my next post bilingually, and see what swims to the top of the search chain. Get ready for a little frHindi competition, Phil.

  6. Rejected circus peanuts had me in fits 😀 😀 😀 Oh God, wow.. People sure are amazing!

  7. Tres bizarre but I think mine will top that lol

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