Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Movies I’d Give An Oscar To


Five days from now a bunch of Hollywood types will gather somewhere in Los Angeles to pat themselves on the back until all their arms break and the television audience falls asleep. Lost in all the ridiculous boredom will be the fact that they are giving all the awards to all the wrong movies. Here are ten movies from various years that I believe deserved an Oscar:

10: Star Wars: Only the original will do. Sequels? we don’t need no stinkin’ sequels! This one wins the Oscar for coolest sci-fi effects a little kid has ever seen.

9. Men in Black: If you haven’t seen Men in Black III you should. It’s a nice wrap up to the series.

8. Deadpool: Yeah, I know it just came out two weeks ago, but it is by far the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time.


7. Nothing in Common: An early Tom Hanks classic. Last movie that Jackie Gleason ever madeA great romantic comedy that nobody but me remembers.

6. Summer School: This is one of those shut off your brain and enjoy mindless comedies. Starring Mark Harmon, Kirstie Allie and Courtney Thorne-Smith.

5. The Hangover: This one should stand the test of time as one of the best comedies ever.

4. Toy Story: This gets the nod here over Toy Story 3 because it was the original. Toy Story 3 has more humor for adults.


3. Zombieland: A funny, cool zombie movie. If the Walking Dead was half as good as this movie I’d watch it. Walking Dead could also use a hilarious Bill Murray cameo like Zombieland.

2. The ‘Burbs: Evil neighbors? I’m pretty sure if I were a movie character I’d be Tom Hanks friend from this movie. Trust me. Go watch it.


1. The Princess Bride: I think this movie spawned more funny quotes that we remember than any other.

Yes, I realize that most of these are ridiculous choices, but they’re some of my favorite movies ever. What are your favorite movies that you’d give Oscars to if it was up to you? C’mon, don’t let me down! Let me hear your choices in the comments.

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  1. THE BURBS!!!! That is the best! My hubs doesn’t understand why I think it’s so funny but I just about die laughing every time I watch it. The sardine scene! Bruce Dern as the crazy neighbor! That other guy! What’s not to love?!? I’d also throw in the original Toho Gojira (Godzilla) for nomination. It’s way more serious than people realize. It was Japan’s response to being atomic bombed during WW2.

    • Meg, you continue to amaze me and impress me. Not only do you know and love the burbs, you pulled out old-school Godzilla movies. Six months ago I didn’t know who you were and now you’re one of my favorite bloggers. I will have to go over and check on your drink of the week since I’m traveling for work I’ll have the opportunity to try one out tonight.

      • It’s rye beer this week! Which was great because there was a hometown connection. Enjoy! And I love your blog, too. And your sense of humor!

      • And by the way, how does your husband not love the burbs as much as you do? The biggest laugh in that movie for me is when he discovers the femur bone in the backyard and both Tom Hanks and his neighbor start shouting and the camera zooms in and out on their open mouths. for some reason that cracks me up.

      • I know! Weirdo! At least he laughs at me laughing at it. I think it’s time I pull it out and torture him with it. We haven’t seen it in a while. Heh!

      • At least my wife enjoys the movie as much as I do. In some ways I think she and Tom Hanks in that movie are a lot like me and my wife. She’s very much the put upon wife dealing with my hijinks.

      • That’s funny! I would be the Tom Hanks to Harry’s Carrie Fisher! I embarrass him all the time!

      • I think I’m going to load the movie onto my Kindle to watch on a future flight.

      • By the way, just so that you don’t think that I am barely literate, I just wanted you to know that I’m actually dictating these responses to my phone while I drive. That explains some of the typographical error’s.

      • Oh geez! Don’t crash the car! I didn’t notice the typos anyway!

  2. Not so ridiculous. The Princess Bride is one of the all-time greats and I was so impressed with how Zombieland was executed.

  3. I think you are right on the mark. Enjoyed all of them except Deadpool (haven’t seen it yet.)

  4. A lot of movies are complete crap
    I’d give an Oscar to Spinal Tap

  5. Big Trouble in Little China for the over-the-top acting. And special effects. And costume and makeup.

  6. The Oscars are the Freshly Pressed of films. My guess is that all the Academy chairs come equipped with center sticks to go up the backsides of the members, in case any forget the brooms their bums normally hold. For gosh forbid comedies would attract serious notice, or be deemed worthy.

    Loved Deadpool, too! Haven’t laughed so hard since Team America. Now THERE was some Oscar-worthy actors!
    Zombieland was good, too, but I was more a Shaun of the Dead fan.

    Funny post : )

    (P.S. I’m missing you, and everyone, Phil. Just swamped!)

  7. What I love about your list is the recognition of so many comedies. They are never appreciated by the Oscars or given the credit they deserve. If I’m given a choice between 5 movies and 1 of them is a comedy, I’ll take the comedy every time.
    Men In Black – all 3 of them – I’ve watched a zillion times and laugh each time in all the same places. Same as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s iconic now – like Princess Bride – and surely that deserves special Oscar recognition.

    • Yes, I agree, Christmas vacation was a very good movie. Possibly deserving of an ask her as well. They should have Oscars for specific categories such as best Christmas movie or best summer beach movie or things like that.

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