How Will You Use Your Leap Day?

Tomorrow is Leap Day! All over the world the human race gets an extra day. A day we don’t normally have. It’s a bonus. At the end of this year we’ll all have lived one more day than we would most years. That’s great, but sadly, all over the world most of us will use that extra day to work one more day this year. I find that terribly tragic don’t you? Is that really what our lives should be about, work?

I love the angry baby

I love the angry baby

When I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, I am going use my powers to pass a law mandating that everyone, not just in the United States, but everywhere in the world, have Leap Day off of work . It will be a worldwide holiday unlike any other where everyone of every nationality, religion or race must use the free bonus day for good. That good could be putting in time to help those less fortunate, or it could be doing the one enjoyable thing that you never take the time to do for yourself. Until I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive you’ll have to be a rebel and have a great Leap Day anyway! ~Phil

19 responses to “How Will You Use Your Leap Day?

  1. I will rebel! I wanted to take tomorrow as a vacation day at work but I had to wait until NEXT Monday… corporations are evil!

  2. Have a great leap day

  3. Monday’s are my day off anyway – do you think I could swing it that as the day doesn’t exist for the majority of time, I can have Tuesday off this week as well?! 😉

  4. Ha ha! That’s a great thought!

  5. I’m staging a sit in tomorrow. I’m going to sit in my chair and do nothing but e-mails, blog posts, edits, rewrites, and answer the phone. Wait a minute. That’s what I normally do. I’ve been cheated out of a day. Good post.

  6. Maybe I’ll stay home and sleep
    Or maybe I’ll take a big leap!!

  7. I’ll be at work lol

  8. Just a suggestion but, if you’re not in a pageant competing for the “Sexiest Man Alive” title, this might be a good year to run for President …! 🙂 Anita

  9. Ah you’re a gas man Phil….sexy and you know it..haha 😉

  10. Where do I vote? I’ll even go with sexy if there’s no other way.

  11. Hey Phil, don’t forget to pop over and read my Oscar post you sexy beast..haha

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