Three More Things…

About a year ago I posted Three Things and over the last two months that post from last March is suddenly getting a steady stream of views. So, not being one to look a gift horse, or gift blog views, in the mouth I decided I’d write the sequel in hopes of getting more views that I can’t explain. Also, there’s been some idiotic stuff going on in the world lately that I need to make fun of.

VANCOUVER, B.C.: JUNE 15, 2013 -- Cyclists unite for World Naked Bike Ride day on Saturday, June15, 2013. Hundreds stripped down to protest against oil dependency and car culture. (photo by Jenelle Schneider/PNG)(The Province story by )

Naked Butts aren’t always good: Last weekend in Brazil, cyclists, not all of whom had had a Brazilian, took to the streets riding their bicycles naked to create awareness about car emissions and to protest the lack of bicycle lanes in many cities. Naked butts on bicycle seats seems more aimed at making us aware of human emissions if you ask me. Apparently this is a regular thing that’s done all over the world. Look, I’m as big a fan of nakedness as the next guy, but there’s just certain things you don’t want to see naked people doing and cycling is one of them. Naked butts on bicycle seats? Ugh. That is serious terrorism.  Somebody give these protesters whatever they want.


The Shoe is on the Other Foot: Canada has a problem. This past week, for the 13th time since 2007, a shoe with a foot in it has washed up on a Canadian shore. Thirteen times in nine years? That’s more than once a year that this happens. No one ever shows up to claim the foot and shoe. I find this funny because in 2007, when this started, a fellow blogger from Canada sent me an article thinking that I would find the odd phenomenon funny. With Canada’s police force riding around on horses I can’t imagine why they haven’t solved this yet. Speaking of Canada, I’ll be sneaking over your border later today, but don’t worry, I plan to enter and leave with both of my feet.


Former First Lady Passes Away: This past week the wife of former President Ronald Reagan passed away. Yes, sad, but what always gets me is when they say that the casket will be “on display in the Presidential library” for a few days before the funeral. In the library? Right next to the card catalog?  Jeez, it’s no wonder kids don’t read anymore.

Have a great weekend! ~Phil

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  1. Phil the time has come at last
    An evil surfacing of my past
    When I ate humans as my meat
    And at all but their shoes and feet.

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