Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things I Irrationally Love

We all have things that we love more than anyone else seems to right? A particular TV show that for some reason cracks us up no matter how bad it is, or maybe it’s that Pumpkin Spice Latte you look forward to every fall. Some of these things makes us quirky or endearing, hopefully. These are my ten:


10. My hot tub: I have one up at a little family summer cottage. It kills me that I can’t have one at my regular home. I only get to use my hot tub about 5 months out of the year. When I’m there on summer weekends I get up and have my morning coffee in it. I usually take a mid-day soak and in the evening I sit in it with a glass of wine. Is that too much? I probably look all pruney all summer.

9. My Kindle: I purchased my first Kindle in 2007 in the first week that they were available. I paid $400 for it and I think it was worth every cent. Even though I’ve moved on to the color screen Kindle Fire, I still keep that original Kindle in a drawer tucked away safely as if it is a precious relic. I love Kindle’s so much that on several occasions when I’ve been in a store and passed shoppers looking at Kindle’s I’ve stopped to answer questions that I overheard. Once I interrupted a store employee because he was not knowledgeable enough in response to a customer question.

8. Solving TV and movie mysteries: Don’t sit next to me during your favorite suspense show or murder mystery movie. I’m the guy that will lean over seven minutes in and whisper in your ear, “It’s the wife. The wife really did it because…” I’m surprisingly good at it. I’m good to the point that I don’t always fully enjoy a show or movie because I get frustrated that the main character isn’t figuring it out as quickly as me.


7. Cheez-Its: Yes, the small, square, orange crackers. I love them irrationally and in all their flavors. Unfortunately I recently read something that may have said that the stuff they use to make them orange is the equivalent of rat poison and may cause cancer. That being said, I’ve significantly reduced my Cheez-It intake. I may love Cheez-Its, but I love me more.


6. Table tennis/ping pong: In my life I have been better at ping-pong than I have been at anything else. Yeah, I had a special case to carry my paddle in. There isn’t many feelings as satisfying as feeling as if you have complete mastery of a particular skill. I’m not as good as I once was, but once I’m as good as I ever was.

5. A mosh pit: I don’t mean a mosh pit where people are flailing their arms and injuring each other. I just want to be packed in with a bunch of people jumping in time to the music and passing crowd surfers over your head. You can just feel the energy and electricity of the crowd. My next one is related to this…

4. Green Day: The legendary, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted pop-punk  band that I’ve seen several times and have followed for over 20 years now. Even if you’re not a fan of their music I think you’d enjoy their show. They aren’t just young kids playing loud and swearing onstage any more. They’ve matured into consummate showmen that know how to put on a professional show that entertains. Here is a picture I took at their concert in my town the last time I saw them:


3. Technology: I love new devices and apps. I’m an android guy in an iPhone world. If it’s new, shiny and electronic I want it.

2. Blogging: Nope, I’m not kidding. I love creating blog posts and getting comments from other bloggers. I also love reading blogs so that I get to see a genuine slice of another persons world. I’ve learned a lot about other countries and cultures through blogging. That’s why The Phil Factor turns 11 in a few weeks.

1. Me: That’s right. I irrationally love myself. I think my writing is better than others probably do.  When I look in the mirror I’m sure I see myself as taller and better looking than others do. I can’t understand why more people don’t recognize my brilliance in all things. You know what though? If there’s one thing in this world you should have irrational, unconditional love for it should be yourself. HA! See what I did there? I was going all funny and cute with the post and then I took a right turn onto life lesson lane. It’s no wonder I love myself. I’m awesome. And so are you.

So what are the things that you irrationally love?

Have a great Tuesday night. ~Phil

39 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things I Irrationally Love

  1. Rain, giraffes, carbonated beverages, quilts, tulips, roller skating, bubble baths, black licorice, fireworks, smell of old books.

    • Aside from rain I can’t quibble with your choices, but then again I shouldn’t quibble because they’re our “irrational” things. Although I love my Kindle I do wish it would emit an old book smell. I should email Amazon about that.

  2. #1-Bugles. The snack. Any road trip in a vehicle of any kind must be included or I don’t ride. #2-Gadgets of any kind. Don’t let me see the “As Seen on TV” aisle in CVS. You’ll have to call security. That’s how excited I get.

  3. #8. You and my husband. Can be very annoying at times lol
    Hmmm irrational love, let me think. Oh, lemon coconut cake, bomba (it’s ice cream, not something that blows up), thunder storms, the louder the better!! The sunset, the stars, anything to do with the night sky

  4. If you were able to plunge into your pool all 12 months of the year, I wonder if you would appreciate it just as much.

    Freshly laundered sheets, straight from the washing line. Birdsong, my family, including my remaining dog. Doing crazy type stuff. My heart, without which, I’d not be here and for all the trouble she has caused me, I wouldn’t change a thing. Oh yes, coffee.

  5. Crocheting, Pride and Prejudice (the book, the mini-series, the movies), Tea. Earl Gray. Hot (though my kids make sure I don’t get to drink it hot), cheesy 80s action flicks (they make me happy).

  6. Mac and cheese, tea with honey, ‘Miphone’ (and anything Apple, sorry Android Man!), anything to do with Game of Thrones, supernatural horrors (whether good or not) and raisins. Cakes with raisins are the best!
    Wow, did I read correctly, 9 years you’ve been blogging? That’s an achievement – don’t think I’d even heard of Facebook at that point!!

  7. I wonder, would chocolate qualify
    Because that love I can quantify.

  8. White cheddar Cheez-Its may be your answer. Hopefully that’s one of the flavors you like. They are crazy addicting, and no orange rat poison coloring!

  9. I feel the same about my Kindle and have also randomly answered would be shoppers questions, which is funny because when it was first given to me as a gift I wasn’t sure I would like it. I enjoyed the feel of books in my hands too much and didn’t want to see another screen. Foolish me.

    I do still read physical books, but the kindle goes with me on trips while they tend to stay home.

  10. I would say I love turning over the pillow and getting the cold side 🙂

  11. Popcorn,kicking off my shoes after work, clean sheets,Orangutans,the sound of trains, sassy senior citizens, squishy baby feet, Corgis,gentlemen,making stuff.

    • Kicking off the shoes after work is your one that caught my eye and I don’t even wear heels. My equivalent is taking off the tie. Love that moment every day. And the senior citizens. I can see you being a very funny old lady some day.

      • Thanks, Phil. All of my grandparents had a keen sense of humor and a dry wit that didn’t fade as they aged. I wish they were all still here, but I’ll consider myself blessed if I’m half as funny and sassy as they all were in their older years.

  12. Marching bands. I hear those drums and my throat gets all lumpy!

  13. Awesome post as always! Yet another post I want to steal. I love baking random things I’ve found on Pinterest, Californication, Bon Jovi and waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing that I don’t have to get out of bed…

    • I’ve never watched Californication. Do you recommend it? I assume you do. I do like David Duchovny from watching him in the X-Files both the old and new. Sadly, on Saturday mornings my first waking thought is usually “oh my God I have to write The Phil Factor but I have no idea what I’m going to write about.!”

  14. I usually HATE it when other people around me try to solve the mystery, because I’m alwayssss doing it by myself in my brain :3 And I love this habit of mine.. I suspect everyone and try to draw out justifications and conclusions based on the recurring evidence. 😛

    Btw that is the ACTUAL view from that hot tub? Holy Guacamole, that is STUNNING *_* <3

    And point number 1, best one of em all 🙂

    Awesome post, pal (y)

  15. Great post Phil and I love your humour! Well, I enjoy my hot tub very much too and I think I get about over 6 months usage of it yearly (that’s not bad, right?). 😉

    Vivienne X

  16. Mosh pits are definitely awesome.

    I was going to suggest the White Cheddar Cheezits, as I find them tastier and less messy, but I see that that idea was already rejected 😉 You could try just dumping them straight from the bag into your mouth so you avoid any messy finger problems.

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