Throwback Thursday! The Patron Saint of Real Estate

I’ve been writing The Phil Factor so long that I’m about to move into my third house. I already have that house. I just need to sell the house that’s been the home to me and my blog for over ten years. In an effort to conjure up some good luck, my Throwback Thursday is from 2005 when I was trying to sell my house so I could move into this one.

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(08/30/2005) I’m not kidding. There really is a saint who is supposed to help you sell your house. At this point I’ll take help from anyone. Someone informed me that if you bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your yard, your house will sell faster. There’s even a book called, “St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent.” I haven’t gone to church in years, so I don’t think any Saint is going to want to help me sell my house. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Saints were actively trying to block my sale.

Maybe this house is my purgatory, or hell for eternity. It seems to me that burying a religious statue upside down would be more of a Satanic practice. If Satan wants to help sell my house I’m fine with that. He could even have a commission. I’d even sell it to Satan if he met my price. It has a finished, walk out basement. I think he’d like that.

Have a great Thursday! ~Phil

6 responses to “Throwback Thursday! The Patron Saint of Real Estate

  1. This does seem wrong, but my catholic realtor did it. We eventually did sell. I’m looking for a house. To be more precise, I’m looking for a location, then a house.

  2. Satan has bought a few houses before, the one was somewhere in Amityville and the other one on Elm Street.

  3. Satan can sell my home any day
    A lot of real estate agents are Satan anyway.

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